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Resources Survey of Wintersweet Cultivars in the Central Regions of Henan and Research of Phenotypic Diversity

Author RongJuan
Tutor LuJianGuo
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords Wintersweet Cultivars classification Phenotypic diversity The central regionsof Henan province
CLC S685.99
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Wintersweet(Chimonanthus praecox) is a unique and traditional plant in China with highornamental value and economic value which has a long history of cultivation and rich culture.However, at present our country has not been completed the variety resources comprehensivesurvey. Based on comprehensive investigation and classification of wintersweet cultivarresources in the central regions of Henan province, wintersweet cultivars of three regions onthe phenotypic diversity were studied by means of morphological marker, in order to provide abasis for germplasm or cultivar identification and classification for wintersweet. The mainresults were presented as following:(1) Through systematic classification of wintersweet cultivar resources in the centralregions of Henan including Zhengzhou, Xuchang and Yanling and so on,97cultivars wererecorded in detail, including26cultivars of Ch. praecox Concolor Group,29cultivars ofCh. praecox Intermedius Group and42Ch. praecox Patens Group. And there were26newcultivars among them.(2) Identification key to97wintersweet cultivars in the central regions of Henan wascompiled according to the diversity of characters such as purple speckles on inner tepals,flower type, color and shape of middle tepals, length and width of middle tepals, etc.(3) An experiment was conducted to analyse the phenotypic diversities between andwithin populations in terms of18traits of flowers using wintersweet cultivated selected fromNanjing, Henan and Wuhan as experimental materials. Results of the analysis on quantitativecharacters showed that five characters including flower diameter, length-width ratio of middletepals, the number of middle tepals, the total numbers of middle tepals and inner tepals, alongwith the number of stamen were significantly different between and within populations;Results of the analysis on quality characters showed that the characters such as flower shape,color and shape of middle tepals, inner tepals also existed great variation between the threeareas. The diversity index research showed that the average diversity index of wintersweetcultivars in Nanjing was the highest, followed by Wuhan, and it was the lowest in Henan. Theresult reflected the wintersweet cultivars in different regions had different degree ofdifference.(4) Based on the morphology,137wintersweet cultivars were studied by using the clusteranalysis and principal components analysis. The clustering result was in basically accord withearlier classification.

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