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The Preliminary Browning Prevention Research of Pengzhou’Hongdan Lan’ Peony’s Different Explants and Apical Bud’s Tissue Culture

Author ZhuYueFan
Tutor GaoSuPing; XieKai
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Landscape Architecture
Keywords TianPeng Peony Tissue culture Browning Callus
CLC S685.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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This thesis based on the tissue culture experiment for Southwest China’s peony ’Hongdan Lan’. Using the apical bud、pollen、petiole to research on the effect of explant disinfection on pollution and The browning prevention and control. The effect of growth regulatory substance on bud’s germination、multiplication、 rhizogenesis etc. Summing up the best time and concentration for peony tissue culture. The experimental results are:1.The surface treatment and sterile technique of apical bud have influence to pollution.the results are:Using800-1000times DuoJunlin and conducting the surface treatment the pollution is27%lower than using washing powder,but the browning delay is not obvious;The better time in using HgCl2is8min.For petiole, the better time is6min.2.In apical bud’s browning prevention in the tissue culture, The more6-BA and NAA use level, the more serious browning. Especially MS+6-BA3mg/L+1mg/L NAA is most serious. The use of Ag+have influnce to induction.1mg/L6-BA and NAA is best. But, according to the next research.3.The browning prevention in petiole tissue culture, the ratio of6-BA and NAA, the use of PVP have influence to browning. The ratio is obvious in browning research.When the ratio is1.5and NAA is2mg/L the browning is most serious, on the other hand the ratio is3and NAA is1mg/L the browning is not serious. Moreover, when NAA’s use level is up the browning is more serious the ratio is3is best.500mg/L PVP is not obvious to browning;1g/L PVP could reduce the situation of browning level but could not delay the time when the browning. So, The MS+2mg/L6-BA+1mg/L NAA+1g/L PVP is the best. In addition, The best changing over time is3rd day could reduce the browning.4.The pollen’s vitality prove that it has fertilization ability. The callus culture tissue is meaningful.In pollen’s browning research MS+4%sugar+1g/L hydrolyzation CS+1mg/LKT+1mg/LIAA is better for callus tissue culture and good for browning reduce. The sugar and CS’s using level up have influence to tissue culture’s browning reduce. But the method which callus how to polarization is not found.5.In induction and proliferation, when1.25mg/L6-BA the plant has a better growing situation. And more the NAA use level the faster growing speed, Moreover when NAA1mg/L, we can find the callus. In a certain scope, when6-BA and NAA use level is same, the browning is the wrost, so, when NAA is1mg/L,6-BA should use1mg/L<6-BA<2mg/L. So the best induction culture medium is MS+1.25mg/L6-BA+1mg/LNAA+2mg/L AgNO3. In multiplication, the best is MS+1.25mg/L6-BA+1mg/L NAA; At last,2mg/L IBA could induct the formation of primordial root.

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