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The Research of Urban Greenway System Planning and Design in Mountain City

Author ChenZuo
Tutor ZhuJie
School Chongqing University
Course Landscape architecture
Keywords Greenway Greenway in mountain city Greenway system in mountain city Planning and design strategies
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the strike of urbanization wave on city natural environment and historicalculture, urban landscape ecological system is at stake, city environment is becomingworse, and city historical culture is fading away. The rise of Greenway Movement in20th century indicate that greenway can improve these mentioned problems above as aform of linear green space, meanwhile greenway can meet the increasing need of cityrecreational activities.Greenway planning has just started in China, and its main theories and practicesare based on referencing western countries, especially American and Europeancountries. These cities, in which greenway planning is formulated and carried out, aremainly concentrated in southeast coastal area, taking the greenway planning ofpearl-river delta and Guangdong province for example. But the researches about thegreenway are majorly aimed at the greenway nets planning in macro-level. Theplanning of green system in medium city level, which is set in the background of citiessubjected with people, directly affecting every parts of citizens life. So studies on it areparticularly important, especially for the mountain cities of special terrain environment.With the problems of mountain city increasingly exposed and ecological environmentproblems coming out, people have already realized the importance of buildinggreenway on ecological environment and sustainable development. Therefore, againstthe particularity of the mountain city, to explore its greenway system planning anddesign, there is a strong innovative and practical significance.In order to effectively solve the problems in aspects of green ecological, publicspace, traffic, regional features, disaster prevention of mountain cities, and create agood living environment and continue the historical context of mountain cities, thispaper puts forward the space concept of “Mountain city greenway”, based on the theoryof greenway and urban design practices of mountain cities. By studying the relatedtheories and practices of greenway at home and abroad,combining with thecharacteristics of the terrain, space and culture in mountain cities, the paper hassummarized the mountain city greenway’ features of space, type, and analyzed the"mountain city greenway system" in the scale and structure. It also has discussed theplanning and design strategies of mountain city greenway system, respectively from thetwo aspects of system construction and space design. Finally, the paper takes the greenway system planning of new city center in Jinsha, Guizhou as a practice case tosupport the whole conclusion.

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