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Research on Disaster Prevention and Avoidance Function of Urban Green Space

Author LiuTianTian
Tutor ZouGuiWu
School Anhui Agricultural University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords urban green space urban disaster disaster prevention and avoidance planningand design Huainan
CLC TU985.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Green space played an important role in disaster prevention and avoidance, whichcould be proved by the greatest urban disasters and catastrophes in modern times. Greenspace offered favorable term and area for disaster prevention and avoidance. In thisdissertation, the disaster prevention and avoidance function of urban green space wasdiscussed by studying the green space planning and design of disaster prevention andavoidance in Huainan. The conclusion that urban green space was an important componentof urban comprehensive disaster prevention was drawn in this dissertation, by summarizingthe types of disaster in the urban city and discussing the function of urban green spacewhen disasters happened. The essential methods of this study were to explore the functionand its six manifestations of urban green space for disaster prevention and avoidance.According to the behavior characteristics of seeking refuge after disaster, the system ofurban green space for disaster prevention was divided into5types: emergency evacuationcenter green, fixed emergency evacuation green, temporary emergency evacuation green,emergency exit. By comparing the planning and design case in China with abroad, itdefined the principles of planning and design, the essential elements of site selection, theconstruction content. By analyzing the case of the planning system of emergencyevacuation green space in Huainan, it summarized the system and the structuraldistribution of emergency evacuation green space in Huainan. By studying the conditionsof Huainan and its countermeasures, it was concluded that urban green space hadcomprehensive function, such as disaster prevention and avoidance, evacuation, disasterrelief, medical aid, relief supplies distributing and reconstruction.Through theoretical and case study on urban green space planning for disasterprevention and avoidance, it hoped and tried to perfect the planning theory of urban greenspace for disaster prevention and avoidance, and provided some references for constructionof shelter with urban green space in Huainan and other cities.

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