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ECG Background Data in6-9Months Beagle Dogs

Author LuJing
Tutor HuaXiuGuo; ZhengWeiJun
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Veterinary
Keywords Beagle dogs ECG background data
CLC S829.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Basic biology data including ECG in the Beagle dog will providereference for the pharmacology and toxicology studies, but there is litterbackground data in this regard inland. There are some background data inBeagle dogs in Japan but those basic biological data in Beagle dogs isdifferent from the data in China because of the germ line, sex, age andrearing environment[1].In recent years, there are some reports about ECG in dogs but thereports are hardly consistent because these research objects are the dogswith unclear genetic and individual differences can not be avoidable.Now Beagle dogs more and more Beagle dogs being breed and using inthe scientific research, had been introduced in China for many years. Butthere are few studies in ECG data background inland so it is becomingmore and more important to bulid the ECG data background in Beagledogs. This research has positive effect in electrocardiogram andcardiovascular studies and can provide researchers the some ECGbackground data. This study is carried out on48Beagle dogs(6-9months,24♀24♂), the ECG data collection in II-lead and analysisresults showed that: 1) In Beagle dogs, heart rates are sinus and irreg heart beat occursoccasionally(2♂); Heart rate decrease with the increasing of months oldin male and female but HR in male is slightly lower than in female ingeneral, HR in male decreased from151beat/min (6months) to112beat/min (9months), HR in female decreased from155beat/min (6months) to115beat/min (9months).2) PR interval increase with the increasing of months old, the maleand female are basically the same rangeability (the rage is0.09~0.10s).3) QRS wave has no variation in6-9months old.4) T wave has no variation in6-9months old but T waves canoccasionally be seen abnormal changes-T wave inversion (2♂1♀)andthere is no significant difference in wave between male and female.5) There are slight fluctuations in6-9months old in QT interval andQT interval is susceptible to the heart rate. With different correctionformula, the QTc results show: Sagie correction formula (reported in1992) has a better calibration result within the normal heart rate rage(100~170beat/min)in Beagle, avoids the false positive results instatistical.6) Biochemical results about cardiac (AST、CK、Na、K和Cl)showed that there is no significant difference in different sex and month.In conclusion: heart rate in Beagle dogs decrease from6month to9month and heart rate in female is slightly higher than in male dogs. There is no significant difference in other ECG indicators (PR, QRS, T and QTc)and biochemical results in cardiac (AST、CK、Na、K and Cl).

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