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Study on the Application of the Mininral Prospecting by Module Combination of Geochemical Exploration Methods

Author YangShengFei
Tutor WenShouQin
School Northeastern University
Course Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords Yangshulin in inner Mongolia measurement of radon element test by XRF analyzer measurement of organic gas method module combination
CLC P624
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the development of modern analytical chemistry discipline and the research and development of new apparatuses, measuring range and accuracy of chemical elements has been distinctly expanded and improved. Advanced testing apparatus was used and existing geochemical exploration menthods was combinied selectively, a new method with the purpose of fast, accuracy, economical, highly-efficient is to come into existence as the situation requires.The prospecting area of the silver polymetallic ore of Yang Shulin in Chifeng Inner Mongolia located the extrude arc northward eastern side of the axis extrude arc where the zone of contact of the eastern of Inner Mongolia earth axis and Inner Mongolia Hercynian fold belt was selected as study area, and was gradeⅢstructure unit. Stratum strike is controlled by the regional structure movement, inside the area, fracture structure derived by the both sides of ChiFeng-Ming mountain geofracture and ChuToulang-Ming mountain fracture are greatly developmented.In this paper, the prospecting area of the silver polymetallic ore of Yang Shulin in Chifeng Inner Mongolia was selected as study area, the fracture structure of study area was located through the measurement of radon gas, exposed bedrock, surface alteration zone, fracture zone and other related geology bodies were tested by using XRF analyzer, which could determine the possible metallogenic elements and favorable mineralization location, contoured the concentration center of elements and interpreted them, at the same time, the concentration center of organic gas was contoured with the results tested by organic alkane gas measurement, and then verify the structure and the abnormity of general elements preliminarily. The using of this method made preferable purpose. Radon measurement results indicated that there were several lie concealed fracture structure in study area; the test results of XRF analyzer showed that Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn, Sn, Sb and Au element may be the metallogenic element, granite porphyry, medium-grain and fine grain adamellite. the contactive zone of layer and lithology taken change and the rupture zone of structure were favorable position for mineralization; organic gas phase geochemical exploration results indicated that the contactive zone of layer and lithology taken change appeared concentration center, corresponding to the emergence of Ag. Au concentration center, which showed that in study area using the organic gas phase geochemical exploration can well indicate changes of layer and lithology and the mineralization position of Ag, Au.In order to verify the effectiveness of this method, the secondary halo of conventional methods was used to be contrasted, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn, Sn, Sb, such as 10 kinds of elements were tested with geochemical soil survey, after contrast, the results are essentially consistent and the result of method modules has dual guarantee, after considering various factors, confirmed seven perspective mineralization area.Comprehensively analyse the above-mentioned geochemical methods, and blend them together to form method modules combination, their results can be validated one another, and can infer more better useful information accurately, greatly improved the accuracy and operation of geochemical methods in the process of finding mine. Module combination method is a new method to comprehensively, rapidly and effectively find mine.

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