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Determination on the Efficacy of Lianqin Oral Liquid on Anti-Pigeon Paramyxovirus I and Pharmacokinetics of Baicalin

Author ZhaoBingKai
Tutor DaiDingZhen; HuYuanLiang
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Keywords Pigeon paramyxovirus1 Lianqin Lianqin Oral Liquid Pharmacokinetics
CLC S853.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Pigeon paramyxovirus1(PPMV-I), an important viral pathogens in pigeons., mainly causes enteronitis, severe diarrhea, neural symptom and high mortality rate. This virus is a major threat to Pigeon Industry. At present, chemical drugs are no-good-working, drug residue exists and immune effect of vaccine is imperfect. It has become an emergent problem to be solved that to develop high efficient, low toxicity drugs. In this research, a self-prescription was used according to the principle of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine in anti-virus experiment, ehancement of Animal Immune responds and further virus challenge tests in vitro, which was to discuss the effects of Lianqin Oral Liquid on anti-virus infection and the pharmacokinetics of Baicalin, main compostion of the medicine, in pigeon plasma.Test1Anti-virus effects of Lianqin Oral Liquid The anti-viral effect of Lianqin Oral Liquid was evaluated in CEF and chicken embryo. Lianqin Oral Liquid as antiviral Chinese prescription, included Forsythia, Scutellaria Baicalensis Georgi, Pulsatilla chinensis, honeysuckle flower and astragalus. The antiviral activity of Lianqin Oral Liquid against PPMV-1was compared by different adding drug ways on chick embryo fibroblast (CEF). The results showed that Lianqin Oral Liquid could inhibit PPMV-1infecting CEF better. Minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC) was391μg/mL, minimal stop concentration(MSN) was98μg/mL and minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) was98μg/mL. Lianqin Oral Liquid also had a significant inhibitory effect of infecting chick embryo. The middle and high dose had the best effect.In order to further evaluate the anti-virus effects of Lianqin Oral Liquid in vivo,40pigeons were selected, who were25days old, fed the Oral Liquid at high, medium and low doses by drinking for10days. At the35th day, the pigeons were challenged by PPMV-I of test groups, and injected normal saline of control group.Then the clinical signs and death were mainly recorded everyday. Morbidity, mortality and protective rate were statistics. The results showed that Lianqin Oral Liquid at high and medium doses had best effect and the lowest mortality (20.00%). It indicated that Lianqin Oral Liquid could greatly increase the antiviral activity and have a dose-effect dependablity.Test2The Immune-enhancing Effect of Lianqin Oral Liquid In order to further study the anti-virus mechanism of Lianqin Oral Liquid in vivo, the pigeons in experimental groups were fed drugs via drinking water respectively at high, medium and low doses, from25day-old for ten successive days. On the30th day, the pigeons were immunized for PPMV-I inactivated vaccine and PPMV-Ⅰ vaccine. On Days1before vaccination,7,14,21and28after vaccination, blood was sampled randomly from each group for the determination of leukocyte phagocytic by blood smear method and determination of serum HI antibody titer by micro-method. The indexs of immune organs were also measured at the end of test. The results showed that the three dosage of Lianqin Oral Liquid increased the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. The medium dose of Lianqin Oral Liquid could accelerate and enhance the antibody titer significantly. The high and medium doses of Lianqin Oral Liquid could stimulate the development of Bursa of Fabricius and thymus. According to above results, Lianqin Oral Liquid at medium dose had the best effect on immune function.Test3The pharmacokinetics of Baicalin of the Lianqin Oral Liquid in pigeon plasma In order to study the Metabolic Rule of the Lianqin Oral Liquid in pigeons, the main effective component, Baicalin, was chosen as detective object and determined the Metabolic Rule of Baicalin in pigeon plasma. The30-day-old pigeons in experimental groups were orally inoculated respectively with the Baicalin at dose of150mg. Then at0.25h,0.5h,1h,2h,3h,4h,5h,6h,8h,12h,24h after inoculated, sample the blood, protract the standard curve and measure the content of the baicalin in the plasma by HPLC. Then analyzed the characteristic of pharmacokinetics by3P97software. The result showd that the absorption rate constant (ka) were0.399h-1, Cmax=1.053μg/mL, Tmax=4.603h, t1/2β=8.076h. Baicalin in Lianqin Oral Liquid had fast absorption and a long metabolic half-life in the pigeons.

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