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A Research into the International Trade Structure of Aquatic Products Based on the International Competitiveness

Author LiuGuoJun
Tutor ZhouDaJun
School Zhejiang Ocean University,
Course Fishing Technology
Keywords Grey System Theory Constant Market Shares Analysis Composition ofTrade Competitiveness Aquatic Product Zhoushan
CLC F326.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As an important component of Zhoushan import and export trade, aquatic productssustained high growth as long as30years. But recent years, the growth of aquatic productsis slowing down. The problem of foreign trade composition is raising, which have had animportant effect on Zhoushan aquatic products trade. This problem is becoming the focusof theory field, academia and local governments. More and more researches graduallyincreased and significant progress has been made in the related field. But there is littlepeople do a deep research on microcosmic factors of it in the view of a systematic researchmethod at the present stage.While discussing the aquatic products, it is mainly relying onmacroscopic analysis and qualitative analysis, but the standardizing analytical methods islittle. This article is closely around the theme of “international competitiveness and foreigntrade composition” from different angles, of which competitiveness and composition offoreign trade, competitiveness and mode of foreign trade, competitiveness and forces ofcomposition of foreign trade, competitiveness and diversified region structure of foreigntrade. In the view of a systematic research method, this article is decide to do a deepresearch on microcosmic factors of it.In the overall arrangement, taking to optimize foreign trade composition and toenhance the global competitiveness as an index; Using the industry evolution and trends asa starting point; Applying the research approach of comparative analysis and the time serialmethods, adopts the methods of normal analysis and empirical analysis to study Zhoushanaquatic products; Then,using the theory of GM and model of CMS to analysis therelationship between foreign trade composition and global competitiveness, and make allthe factors to extract into three parameters to analysis four aspects of foreign tradecomposition. Reveal the major problems and influencing factors of foreign tradecomposition. At last, the optimization principles of foreign trade composition and somepath of ascension of global competitiveness is put forward.To conclude, the four main conclusions of the paper is that:(1)The summarizes andappraises on the relevant research dynamics of the domestic aquatic products tradeindicades that the problem that foreign trade composition and global competitiveness is afield which should to further research and should cause our attention,especially in the localareas.(2)Three stages partition historical development of Zhoushan aquatic productindicates that local foreign trade composition reform and innovation is the key element to the fast development of an local area. Howerer, the analyzes and states on the relativetheory, on the other hand, provide theoretical foundation and empirical evidence.(3)Theanalyzes and states on the relative among composition of foreign trade and globalcompetitiveness, region structure of foreign trade and global competitiveness, mode offoreign trade and global competitiveness, and forces of composition of foreign trade andglobal competitiveness indicates that foreign trade composition optimization couldenhance the global competitiveness. However, to achieve the maximization of a system,the key of foreign trade composition optimization is to keep reasonable trade structure andstrong relativity.(4)To optimize Zhoushan aquatic products foreign trade composition, weshould follow four principles: First, strategic composition of foreign trade. Second, furtherprocessing mode of foreign trade. Third, privatized main forces of composition of foreigntrade. Fourth, diversified region structure of foreign trade. To enhance the globalcompetitiveness of aquatic products of Zhoushan, there are four methods: First, toimplement the brand the strategy, which a single brand should transfer into regional brand.Second, developing the aquatic products processing industry should be associated withmaking good industry overall arrangement and facilities construction. Third, strengthen theconstruction of establishments or facilities to promote effective allocation andcomprehensive utilization of resources in this system. Fourth, expand domestic and foreignmarkets vigorously, what’s more, stability in market diversification strategy is also neededand essential.

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