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Study on Biomass Energy Production Utilization Model Based on Circular Economy

Author WuRuiJuan
Tutor XuGuangYin
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
Keywords circular economy biomass energy integrated production system biomass logistics system
CLC S216
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The current worldwide face to the shortage of energy resources, energy demand dramatic increase. It makes the energy problem become a topic of concern in the worldwide. Face to the serious pollution of fossil fuels and limited reserves, biomass energy as a renewable energy become more and more important. The biomass energy related to five strategic emerging industries which are new energy, environmental protection, new materials, equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicles and so on. Biomass energy is clean and pollution-free renewable energy, all the countries in the word have start to research biomass energy alternative to fossil energy, biomass energy will become the mainstream energy in the development of world’s energy economy in post-petroleum. World biomass energy technology development has made the early scattered, small-scale production and utilization model shift to the integrated development and utilization. The biomass energy production enterprises through co-production approach. Biomass energy conversion process technology has from single mode shift to the comprehensive integration paradigm; use the more refine conversion technology, equipment manufacturing technology and produce manufacturing technology is more precision. Biomass energy resources easy acquisition and clean emissions. Use clean produce technology, make more production, so as to reduce the cost of biomass energy, make more share of market.This research analysis and introduce the theory and status of bimass energy circular economy. Then analysis of biomass energy system constituents, structure and the relations of biomass energy system and the other systems. Analysis on the biomass Conversion and utilization technologies and raw material logistics activity rules, make the ecological agriculture as foundation, make the circular economy and sustainable development as support, use systematic engineering and energy engineering method, According to the principle of integration, the overall benefit maximization principles and practical principles, combined the mature of biomass energy conversion technology and refine chemical technology. Study and design clean and efficient, low cost and support biomass energy integrated system, realize large-scale production of industrialization management, biomass energy intensive management, based on this we could construct the biomass energy management information management system, improve the biomass energy management level. Make the biomass energy production and management gradually from the separate, mutual separated to the production and business operation link to a joint, formation a integrated production system which including all links from the production material supply to the production, processing and transforming, transportation, sale and recycled. Systems utilization positioned on technology integration, product diversification, from the resources characteristics, economic development and energy demand, technology costs are consistent with China’s national conditions; change the passively use biomass resources to active, centering on biomass energy supply of raw materials, production, transformation and conversion and synthesis, utilization and recovery as well as six links to make technology optimization and integrated, forming china’s characteristics of biomass energy integrated application system.System has remarkable economic environment and ecological benefit, biomass integrated application systems involve land, peasants, agriculture, processing enterprise and sales service sectors and industries, raw material produce of biomass energy system in the "agriculture, countryside and farmers", processing and market in the industrial and urban, it is the best ties and key to’’construct the new workers and peasants, urban-rural relationship". Biomass energy transformation, raw material production and processing machinery manufacturing and storage transport, scientific research and social service is a long industry chain ,it can provide many jobs. Meanwhile, the biomass energy integrated production system which based on circular economy, in the process of its development and utilization make the biomass resources be transformed into energy and chemical products use, through the persuation way instead of banned burn, Piles up etc. block way to processing it, and biomass energy is clean, low carbon, sustainable. So based on circular economy of biomass energy integrated production system has double meaning including control pollution, exploit new energy and chemical products, also accord with the circular economy "resources - products - waste - renewable resources" sustainable development model.

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