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The Study of Disease Prevention and Treatment Being Recorded in the Bamboo Slip Chu Jane in the Warring States Period

Author ZhouSheng
Tutor ZouZuoDu
School Southwestern University
Course Historical Philology
Keywords Warring States Period Chu jane disease prevention andcure
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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This paper is based on the study of Chu Jian,and applys theories and methods in the study of cultural anthropology, document, history and archaeology and other disciplines.Besides, the paper strives to reveal the cause of disease as well as the means and methods of prevention and cure in this period through the analysis of the diseases to Chu people with investigation, which were reflected by the warring states period of chu disease Jane.Full text mainly has the following five parts:The first part is prolegomena that explains the mainly reasons of the topic selection and its significance, as well as the research present situation and shortages, research difficulties, methods and innovative points and othet problems. First, what the reasons of the topic selection and its significance are that from the study of the unearthed documents and through exploring the prevention of diseases to Chu people in the warring states period with the relevant theories of anthropology, the article aims to make up for the shortages of the past academic literatures which the research of this period disease prevention and cure to Chu people were not deep because of insufficient historical records, and still can broaden the research field of vision. Secondly, in order to find this paper’s visual angle of study, this section studies from archaeology, the study of textual criticisms and explanations,and with the comprehensive research of disease and which were researched in literature handed down from ancient times, to review the senior academic research results.At last, briefly introduces the research methods and the difficulty, the innovation points.The second part, overviews the warring states disease Jane,name of disease and the characteristics of the Chu people of disease. This part divides into three sections: First of all, briefly introduces the jian bo in the warring states period involved in disease, and one or two of diseases cases. Second, picks out names of disease as well as corresponding symptoms of them, serial number of jane, and the type of related Jane,then make clear and identifies the names of disease. Finally, summarizes the characteristics of the Chu people of disease.The third part, analyses the cause of disease recorded in the warring states in Chu jane.From the records and discussion in unearthed documents and handed down literatures,and the analysis of the reason of disease by the anthropological theories,we can find the Chu people of that disease mainly in the following aspects reasons:caused by ghosts or climate, diet,war and other factors. Finally, the cause of disease was summarized in this paper,and simply reviewed the Ghosts from said, Miasma gas said,TaiDu said,and other several types of disease view.The fourth part, introduces the prevention against the disease recorded warring states in Chu.This is the core part of this paper, composed by five sections. First of all, expounds the divination ceremony from three aspects such as enquiring the causes of disease, asking the trend forecast and the results of the disease.Second, presents the sacrifice and prayer ceremony from three aspects,从(?)祷、(?)祷、赛祷.Third, introduces the usement of magic cure, distinguishs the concept and relationship between wizard and witchcraft.And then focuses on the way how to prevent and control the disease make use of witchcraft means.such as攻解、攻除和盟诅. The next concentrates on Witchcraft medical, first reviewed the relationship between Wizards and the doctor in the pre-qin period;and then introduced the witches and the doctor relationship in the warring states period of Chu;besides,disscussed the Witchcraft medical reflected in the Chu jane; Finally, simplly introduces other way to prevent and cure disease.The fifth part is pilogue,which aims to sum up above all. Summarizing above and finding the searching direction in the future.

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