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Research of Cervical Spondylosis Treated by Acupunctuirng on Xuangzhong (GB39) with the Technique of fMRI

Author WangQiong
Tutor ZhangYing
School Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
Course Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords Acupuncture Xuanzhong fMRI Cervical Spondylosis
CLC R245.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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ObjectiveTo explore the mechanisms of acupuncturing xuangzhong (GB39)effects in Cervical Spondylosis patients,we compared the brainactivation on the normal and cervical spondylosis group,and co-nducted dynamic functional connectivity analysis.Methods20healthy volunteers(age20-50years)from Hubei University ofChinese Medicine and the social and20cervical spondylosis pa-tients from acupuncture clinic of the First Hospital of Wuhan,a-ll right-handed, were enrolled by May to December in2012.The treatment of both groups was done at the same time of e-veryday, and acupuncture was performed in right leg via acupointGB39by the same doctor.The needle was inserted perpendicular to the skin’s surface to a depth of approximately0.8-1.0cun.Acupuncture stimulation was administered using stimulation-rest-ing alternating pattern.3.0T HDXT MRI system (USA General Electric Company)was used for this study.fMRI scan use EPI sequence parameters:TR/TE=3000ms/40ms,FA90°,slice thickness5mm,spacing0mm matrix=96×96,s-can time was6min24seconds.Data were post-processed and analyzed by using Statistical P-a rametric Mapping software(SPM8)and the results were obtained byusing xjview8software.For all data,statistical thresholding atsignificance level of p<0.05and k≥10was initiallyused to determine significant activation for each voxel.Result1.2cases of20normal subjects were detected that the head of the three-dimensional rotation is greater than1.5°or dime-nsionaltranslational greater than1.5mm in the motion correcti-on process,the data were to be discarded.1case of20cervicalspondylosis subjects were detected that the head of the three-dimensional rotation is greater than1.5°or dimensional transl-ational greater than1.5mm in the motion correction process,t-he data are to be discarded.Finally,the data of18cases in nor-mal group,19cases in cervical spondylosis group are qualifie.2.None of Brain regions of both groups in resting state was activated.3.Activated regions in normal group after acupuncturing xua-nzhong: the left sperior temporal gyrus, cingulate gyrus; bila-teral inferior parietal lobule,transverse temporal gyrus,insul-arcortex,inferior frontal gyrus,posterior central gyrus;bilate-ralprecentral gyrus,middle temporal gyrus.4.Activated regions in cervical spondylosis group after acup-uncturing xuanzhong:bilateral cerebellum, superior temporal gy-rus,middle temporal gyrus,inferior parietal lobule,occipitalob-e,posterior central gyrus,inferior frontal gyrus,transverse te-mporal gyrus,bilateral precentral gyrus,insular cortex.5.The same activated regions in both groups:bilateral infer-ior parietal lobule,transverse temporal gyrus,insular cortex,in-ferior frontal gyrus,posterior central gyrus;bilateral precent-ral gyrus,middle temporal gyrus.The mainly different activati-on of both group:cerebellumand occipital lobe.ConclusionThe effects of acupuncture analgesia were probably produced by the interaction of multiple brain structures of functional c-onnectivity rather than through the activation of a single br-ain region.Theactivative regions and its main medical may havesome relevance.Many of same regions of brain which were activa-ted in both groups may be related to the specific activation ofthe therapeutic effects of xuanzhong acupuncture.The specific a-ctivative regions of cervical spondylosis group were cerebell-um and occipital lobe,which may be one of mechanism of treatingcervical spondylosis by xuanzhong acupuncture in our study.

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