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Electroacupuncture Experimental Studies of Cell Migration of Neural Precursor Cells in the Hypertensive Rats After Acute Cerebral Infarction

Author WangShaoShuai
Tutor LiChangXin
School Shanxi Medical
Course Neurology
Keywords Stroke Electroacupuncture Doublecortin MMP-2 Neural precursor cell
CLC R245
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective:Functional recovery after cerebral infarction is a very complex process, electricity has been recognized for neurological recovery after stroke, but the exact mechanism is not clear. Play a role in the recovery of the nerve damage due to neurogenesis, EA related to the occurrence of the nerve. This paper aims to investigate the migration of neural precursor cells (NPCs) and to examine the effect of electroacupuncture (EA) on them after acute cerebral infarction.Methods:Stroke-prone renovascular hypertensive rats (RHRSP) were made after the renal arteries in male SD rats weighting80-120g being constricted bilaterally with ring-shape silver clips. BP were measured once two weeks after the operation.16weeks after the operation, MCAO models were made by electric coagulation according Wahl’s method in RHRSP,which weighted450~500g with high BP (more than175mmHg) and without stroke signs. Take a random grouping.Sham operation group:RHRSP non-MCAO,1,2,3,4weeks, n=3, a total of12; cerebral infarction Group:RHRSP and the success of MCAO mode1,2,3,4weeks.n=6,24; EA group:RHRSP MCAO model successfully in electro-acupuncture treatment1,2,3,4weeks (n=6), a total of24. Each group in the infarction underwent neurological score, HE staining, the TTC staining. Paraffin sections immunohistochemical method for detection of brain at different time points around the lesion and the hippocampus DCX-positive cells of MMP-2expression, and cerebral infarction and control groups. Statistical methods using SPSS17.0for Windows statistical package for statistical analysis. Normal distribution data were expressed as x±s deviation are described between the two groups were compared by t-test groups using univariate analysis of variance, and further analysis of variance was statistically significant with SNK-q do a pairwise comparison test, the test level ofα=0.05.Results:RHRSP average blood pressure was198.37±21.45mmHg. In accordance with the neurological score of18points score, sham operation group to score18points (normal) score of MCAO after gradually increased over time, and5d back to normal.2d and3d neurological score higher than infarction after EA(P<0.01); the first three weeks after the infarct volume in the electro-acupuncture treatment than infarction group reduced(P<0.05); DCX-positive cells in the ischemic perifocal and hippocampus increase, one week for the peak period; EA treatment significantly increased on a weekend than infarction group(P<0.05),2to4weeks with time than infarction group was significantly reduced. Perifocal expression of MMP-2at1week after ischemia significantly increased, after a downward trend, close to the sham operation group. Electro-acupuncture treatment of a weekend than the infarction was significantly increased (P<0.05).Conclusion:The EA may promote the neurofunctional recovery, reduce infarct volume, NPCs to the infarct from around in cerebral ischemic area.To promote the synthesis and secretion of MMP-2, the acute phase is particularly evident, to accelerate the migration of neural precursor cells into the ischemic perifocal.

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