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The Clinical Research of Acupoint Injection Conbined with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Pruritus of Blood Deficience and Wind Drying

Author MaXiaoLing
Tutor WangYuYing
School Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Cutaneous pruritus Acupoint injection Oral Chinesemedicine
CLC R275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Purpose:Its efficacy through clinical observation of acupoint-injection combined experience in oral medicine prescription treatment of blood deficiency and wind dryness of skin pruritus, and simple oral medicine experience prescription comparison, so as to achieve the proof of the previous method is more effective targets for moredepth to provide a better basis for the popularity of Chinese medicine treatment of cutaneous pruritus.Methods:1. The clinical data83patients diagnosed with blood deficiency and wind dry skin pruritus were randomly divided into two groups, treatment group,42cases,41cases in the control group. The two groups in gender, age, duration of disease, illness, etc. There was no statistical difference (P>0.05) were comparable.2. TreatmentPrescription oral treatment group received traditional Chinese medicine experience, one day, the points early and late twice taking it after meals, in conjunction with vitamin B1100mg2ml, vitamin B,2500μglml acupoint injection therapy, the injection points bilateral Zusanli or bilateral songpool any one hole. The control group treated with oral prescription of traditional Chinese medicine experience, taking methods and treatment group. The two groups of treatment as a course of treatment for one week, a total of four courses.3. The efficacy of observationEfficacy standards:(1) The main symptoms of pruritus area, extent, duration, and frequency of attacks were to take four score;(2) The disease that is, at night especially dry skin, dry mouth, upset, constipation knot, etc. ratings;(3) secondary lesions, scratches, local crusting, lichenification were taken four score. Observed two groups of cases before treatment and after the primary disease, disorder, and secondary lesions of the integral changes. Certificate Hou efficacy rate=(pre-treatment total score-after treatment, total score)/pre-treatment total score×100%. Recovered is the syndromes≥95%; markedly syndromes≥70%<95%; effective The syndromes ratio≥30%,<70%; invalid syndromes rate <30%. Study treatment after7days14days21days28days two groups of patients of the total efficiency changes, the results using SPSS18.0for Windows software for statistical analysis, a clear treatment group and control group efficacy.4. Safety observationDetailed records during the study period patients with adverse reactions, local skin changes such as desquamation, dry, scratches, etc., the body of dizziness, vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhea, and so need to record, used to evaluate the security of this study. Results:1. Comparison of clinical efficacy:Treatment group,28cases were cured and have a significant effect six cases, the effect of four cases, no effect of four cases, the efficiency is90.48%. In the control group,13cases were cured, a significant effect of9cases, the effect of9cases, no effect of10cases, the efficiency is75.61%. Comparison and analysis of the efficiency between the two groups, P values less than0.05, the treatment group is better than the control group.2. Comparison of adverse reactions:all patients during the treatment period no significant adverse events. Before and after treatment to check blood, urine, stool routine, ECG, liver and kidney function, their results did not change significantly.Conclusion:Comparison way this topic acupoint-injection combined experience of traditional Chinese medicine prescription oral as prescription oral treatment group, herbal experience by observation of the two groups of patients as a control group, the degree of improvement of clinical symptoms, the use of statistical methods to obtainConclusion:Injection combined with traditional Chinese have significant effect on the skin pruritus, the total efficiency is higher than the control group, while its security, there is no significant toxicity and side effects, Chinese medicine in the treatment of skin pruritusmore theoretical and clinical basis.

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