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The Clinical Curative Effect of Acupuncture Therapy in Optic Atrophy

Author ShiHang
Tutor MaXiang
School Dalian Medical University
Course Ophthalmology
Keywords Acupuncture optic atrophy vision visual evoked potentials
CLC R246.82
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective: To explore the clinical application, curative effects and advantages ofAcupuncture therapy in optic atrophy disease.Methods: Data were collected from March2010to March2012in20patients (35eyes) with optic atrophy, attending our ophthalmic department. The patients wererandomly divided into the treatment group (10patients,18eyes) and the control group(10patients,17eyes). The acupuncture treatment group received electrical stimulationtherapy,1/d, by the same physician. Will acupuncture needle pierced and slowly pushfast five acupoint selection, including the hole, temporal, saving bamboo holes and holeand the valley of tarsometatarsus Yang acupuncture point,through cupping instrument.The manual control for continuous wave, frequency60beats per minute, strength withtolerance for degrees, electricity15minutes and5minutes after acupuncture tocompound ZhangLiuJian injection of the2mL temporal artery shallow thesubcutaneous injection, one/d, period of treatment for14-21d. The control group givenbitter dish injection40mL intravenous drip, one/d, joint compound ZhangLiuJianinjection of the2mL temporal artery shallow the subcutaneous injection, one/d, periodof treatment for14-21d. Daily visual acuity check and eye examination was carried out,before and after treatment for21d. Visual evoked potential field of vision was alsocarried out, check the results as observation and evaluation index, and compared withthe two groups for curative effect.Results: Vision increased in both the treatment group and control group; thetreatment group powerfully9eyes, effective7eyes, invalid2eyes, effective rate of88.89%; the control group powerfully6eye, effectively4eyes, invalid7eyes, theeffective rate was58.82%. The two groups were efficient after statistical analysis andshowed statistically significant differences; the results showed that the curative effect of treatment group was better than control group, difference of (the chi-square=4.14, P=0.042). Application matching t test before treatment compared in treatment group avision (t=1.228, P=0.228>0.05), not significant, explain before treatment intreatment group a vision did not differ significantly. To match the treatment group t testresults show that the treatment group compared before and after treatment hasremarkable statistical significance (t=7.015, P <0.01), indicating that the treatmentgroup has significant difference between before and after treatment, after treatmentgroup is the measured value of the significant higher than before the treatment. Tocontrol group matching t test results show that the control group compared before andafter treatment has remarkable statistical significance (t=3.151, P <0.01), indicatingthat the control group had significant differences before and after treatment, the controlgroup after treatment the measured value of the significant higher than before thetreatment. The treatment group and control group showed significant improve degree ofstatistical significance (t=2.043, P=0.047<0.05), indicating that the treatment groupand control group improve degree of had significant differences, the improvement of thetreatment group was significantly higher than the control group improve the degreelevel.Conclusions:Through the treatment group and control group, the comparison ofexamination results before and after treatment, vision visual evoked potential indicatedthat the acupuncture therapy in optic atrophy had a good curative effect, better thantraditional approach, is worth promoting and widely used.

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