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Professor Zhu Qijie Clinical Observation of Blood on the Cure of Chronic Urticaria

Author RanLi
Tutor ZhuQiJie
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Surgery of Chinese Medicine
Keywords Chronic urticaria Chinese medicine treatment mentor experience chinical research
CLC R275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Background:Chronic urticaria, also known as urticaria, edematous wheal limitations ranging from a size of the skin and mucous membrane, accompanied by intense itching. The etiology is complex, about3/4of the patients can not find the reason. Urticaria, the pathogenesis is not yet entirely clear, at present, the main points is the views of immune and nonimmune two categories, the current Western medicine treatment of the disease is mainly anti-allergy and symptomatic treatment, but if the interruption of treatment, urticaria is easy to relapse. To study the disease in recent years, Chinese medicine treatment done a great deal of useful work, practice has proved, in Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic urticaria, has a considerable advantage, the use of TCM type of treatment, to control the effect of relapse.Objective:Observation of traditional Chinese medicine from the blood on the governance of clinical prove efficacy and safety of chronic urticaria, and explore its mechanism, in orderto provide a theoretical basis from the promotion of blood on the Treatment for chronic urticaria in Chinese medicine.Methods:This use randomized, single blinded, controlled clinical research methods.60subjects were randomly divided into treatment group and control group, then, treatment group was received the oral Professor Zhu Qi jie the self, and the control group was received loratadine and terfenadine given; treatment last eight weeks, and follow up for three months, we compared the treatment of chronic urticaria in four score and changes in clinical symptoms at Before with its after, and recorded the adverse reactions in the course of treatment.Results: 1, After treatment the two groups of four score were significantly decreased before treatment, and28days and56days after treatment were compared by t test, the differences were very significant significance (P <0.01).2, after28days of treatment in both groups of clinical efficiency is relatively efficient (77%) lower than the control group (87%), treatment56days after the treatment group, again on the clinical efficiency to compare the treatment group (83%) is still lower than the control group (87%), but the x2test, there were no differences (P>0.05). This shows that the treatment and control groups have considerable efficacy in the treatment.3, followed up for3months found, the treatment group relapse rate (12.50%) were significantly lower relapse rate (47.37%), by x2test, there are differences between the two groups (P<0.05). This shows that the treatment group than the control group on the control of the relapse rate.4, with Security observation,The two groups were no obvious adverse reactions.Conclusion:This paper summed up the clinical experience and clinical efficacy of Professor Zhu Qijie who treat chronic urticaria from the blood, in order to prove its effectiveness and scientific, and to provide new treatment ideas and Differential Treatment for the Chinese medicine treatment of chronic urticaria.

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