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The Study on the Theory of Five Viscera Correlation of Sub-health

Author ZhangShaoJun
Tutor MoChuanWei
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medicine
Keywords sub-health the five-viscera related theory TCM clinical symptoms nonlinear principal component analysis structural equation model
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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ObjectiveThis study for319cases of sub-health people is under the guidance of the theory of five viscera correlation originated by Prof. Deng Tietao. Epidemiology, nonlinear principal component analysis and structural equation modeling method are used to discuss the relationships among five viscera.MethodsThe data collection came from survey of319cases of sub-health people who was conformed to sub-health criteria between November2011and February2012. The database was first established and managed by Epidata software. Second, the Epidata database was transformed into STATA and SAS database by the StatTrans software. Third, the database was prepared by deleting the needless variables and merging the similar variables. After that, the descriptive statistical analysis was executed by Statall.0for the319cases of sub-health people’s basic information and clinical syndrome of five viscera. Then the nonlinear principal component analysis was obtained by SAS9.1to generate five principal components representing composite index of clinical syndrome of five viscera. At last, used five principal components to complete structural equation modeling analysis and study the relationship among the five viscera.ResultsThis study totally collected319people conforming to sub-health criteria,212cases of female and107cases of male. The mean age was (23.66±5.54) years old. When those variables was processed,62kinds of syndromes of five viscera was obtained, including9for heart,14for liver,13for spleen,11for lung and15for kidney. The population effect between heart and spleen was positive. The numerical value was0.29697. The population effect between heart and liver was positive. The numerical value was0.23836. The population effect between liver and spleen was positive. The numerical value was0.23100. The population effect between lung and kidney was positive. The numerical value was0.18366. The population effect between spleen and kidney was positive. The numerical value was0.17013." fire generating earth"," metal generating water" and " wood generating fire" were in conformity with five elements theory. The population effect among five viscera prompted that the imbalance of heart, spleen and liver were dominating causes for the sub-health. Excessive bothering consumed the heart blood leading to inadequate supplement of nutrition for spleen. As a result, spleen fails to transform and transport, the function of digestion and generation of blood is diminished. The liver gets involved in the dysfunction of generating blood. All of those lead to symptoms such as lusterless complexion, insomnia, palpitation, abdominal distension, loose stool, anorexia, swirl, dim eyesight etc.ConelusionOn this study, using the method of nonlinear principal component analysis and structural equation modeling analysis analyzed both of the Chinese medicine symptoms of sub-health and quantitative relationship among the five viscera.The theory of five viscera Correlation of sub-health showed that the most closely relationship of viscera were heart-spleen, heart-liver, liver-spleen, lung-kidney, spleen-kidney. In addition, according to the sign of the equation’s path coefficient,3kinds of relationship of the five elements were proved which were "fire generates earth","gold generates water" and "wood generates fire". That showed the limitations of the Five Elements Theory, and also showed the connectivity and integrity of five viscera correlation. After statistical analysis, the data on this study showed that the five viscera were related to each other, abnormal physiological function of one would affect others. Therefore, basing on the Chinese medicine symptoms of sub-health people structured structural equation model and then modified the model. So that, this model could be useful for sub-health people’s recuperating by traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology.

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