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Simulation Analysis on Temperature Stress of RCC Arch Dam and Its Construction Joints Design Research

Author HuGuoPing
Tutor ZhangWenJie
School Nanchang University
Course Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords RCC arch dam three-dimensional finite element method temperature field temperature stress construction joint simulation analysis temperature control measures
CLC TV642.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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RCC arch dam is a dam model that development rapidly in the last two or three decades, which combines the respective merits of concrete dam in materials and earth-rock dam in the layered construction, and it form speedy construction、simple construction method、short construction periods、less investment and the dam is running with fine performance. But it using a construction technology that large cabin layered rolling and pouring up quick. it has been formed Arch-closure in the construction of formal, The thermal conductivity of concrete is extremely poor,In the hardening process of pouring a lot of accumulation heat is difficult distribution in the short term, the internal non-linear temperature limits the freedom of contract when the temperature droping, it will generate temperature tensile stress, and there is stress concentration on the dam surface crack tip, it is likely to result deep cracks or through cracks, while is possible have a foundation through cracks because of the strong constraint at bedrock foundation, at last it damage dam integrity, the difference temperature between inside and outside causes cracks serious relatively, it occurs in the high stress area of the most critical arch crown and arch side, thence the temperature stress is one of the main design stress of RCC arch dam, it is the design basis that prevent cracks in the construction period and operation period to taken measures of temperature crack control, but after all how much about the temperature stress ,and what measures is needed taken to prevent and avoid the dangers of crack, it is necessary to provide a reliable thermal stress data in order to achieve the correct guidance to prevent the cracks purposes.The major engineering measures to solve the thermal stress is temperature control during the construction, in order to avoid producing harmful cracks in the dam and reduce security risks of dam in operation time, According with characteristics of the construction process, this article have lots of work, using three-dimensional finite element analysis method, having done simulation analysis of the temperature field and temperature stress intensive to the arch dam, revealed the dam’s temperature and temperature stress state step by step non-joint and non- temperature control measures、joint and non-temperature control measures、joint and temperature control measures, found that a reasonable construction joint can reduce the mutual constraints of concrete and release internal stress, according to the results proposed a reasonable construction joint program, obtained appropriate temperature control standards and developed a reasonable crack control measures, in order to avoid stress concentration near the basis of the dam as well, calculated the dam of finite element equivalent stress.The research topics relies on the Shankouyan RCC arch dam of Jiangxi Province, it shows that simulation results meet the design specifications after the temperature stress and equivalent stress reduced, it can provide a reference for the project design and recommend the best construction measures and programs.

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