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The Effect of the Sex Hormones on the Patients with Mammary Gland Hyperplasia and Chong and Ren Imbalance Who Be Treated by Liver and Kidney Tonic Conditioning the Chong and Ren

Author ZhaoXiaoQin
Tutor HuangMei
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Surgery of Chinese Medicine
Keywords mammary gland hyperplasia Chong and Ren disorders liver or kidney tune Chong and Ren sex hormones
CLC R271.44
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Background:Mammary glands (Hyperplasia of mammary gland HMG) is a benign proliferative disease of the breast tissue, two main symptoms is breast lumps and pain. It is also caused by the varying degrees of hyperplasia of the breast of the main qualitative and interstitial subinvolution mammary exception, neither on the number and morphology of tumor, non-inflammatory, the disease is a common and frequently-occurring disease of women of childbearing age, the incidence rate of approximately accounted for47%of women of reproductive age, accounting for75%of breast disease,its population prevalence of breast cancer incidence2-3times higher than the general population, including atypical hyperplasia,5to8times higher. Important reason for the incidence of mammary gland hyperplasia is one of the estrogen and progesterone imbalance, reduce the secretion of progesterone, estrogen relative increase in, and increased hormone sensitivity of breast tissue. Therefore, the clinical multi-used drug tamoxifen, to obtain treatment through a variety of ways to reduce the level of estrogen or reduce the impact of estrogen on breast, in the treatment of Chinese medicine, many studies have pointed out that the Bugan red kidney tune any of the efficacy of the treatment of breast hyperplasia, but there are many studies pointed out that they involve traditional Chinese medicine compound with plant estrogen-like effect, elevated estrogen levels, so there is a dispute in the clinical application.Objective:In this study, its own front and rear control study was conducted, mainly Immortals soup, a plant estrogen-like effects of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of Chong and Ren of mammary glands in patients with the disturbance, before and after treatment of human sex hormones (including estrogen E, progesterone P, FSH of FSH, luteinizing hormone LH) changes, and explore the efficacy of this class of compound, the effects and mechanism of four sex hormones in the application process.Subjects and Methods:Washed in12cases treated in our hospital from September2011to April2012the type of chong and ren disorders of mammary glands in patients with prospective self-controlled clinical study, designed according to the literature, the observation table, the data recorded before and after treatment of sex hormone four to observe the changes of before and after treatment, using SPSS13.0for statistical analysis.Results:①E2, P, FSH, LH levels before and after treatment changes were not statistically significant (P>0.05);②E2after treatment with the hormone of the correlation is not obvious (P>0.05), P and FSH was not significantly (P>0.05), P negatively correlated with LH (P<0.05), and the related close relationship (correlation coefficient is greater than0.5). FSH was positively correlated with LH (P<0.05), and the related relationship (correlation coefficient is greater than0.5).③The difference between before and after treatment with age were not significantly associated with E2, P, FSH, LH difference and age was negatively related (P<0.05), and the related relationship (correlation coefficient is greater than0.5).Conelusion:(1)The liver and kidney and regulating Chong Ren compound on patients with estradiol, progesterone, follicle st imulat ing hormone and luteinizing hormone levels without affecting, on estrogen and progesterone ratio of no effect, but E2, FSH, E2/P showed decreased, P, LH showed increasing trend.(2)The patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands estrogen negative feedback function disorder, compound in the treatment of this phenomenon has no effect after.(3) The liver and kidney and regulating Chong Ren compound on gonadal effects are not regulated by sex steroid negative feedback effect, may through the regulation of gonadotropin.(4)The liver and kidney and regulating Chong Ren compound on the effect of sex hormones with age was negatively related, older, less effects.

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