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Kunming Children with Cough Variant Asthma Study on the Syndrome

Author ChenXiWu
Tutor LiXiaoShan
School Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Kunming Children with cough variant asthma TCM syndrome
CLC R272
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective: Explore Kunming children with cough variant asthma onset lawand TCM syndrome characteristics.Methods: This issue covers the literature research and clinicalepidemiology Literature By retrieving the1990to2011"China Journal(CNKI)","the Data Resource Service System","Medical Network" targetliterature Summed up the country’s children with cough variant asthma TCMsyndrome characteristics Clinical epidemiology: Collected from a surveyin Yunnan Province Chinese Medicine Hospital from January2012to January2013, the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College, KunmingHospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine outpatient and inpatientdepartment of children with clinical data Using SPSS17.0statisticalsoftware for all valid questionnaire, the constituent ratio andchi-square test preliminary study children with cough variant asthma lawand TCM Syndrome distribution characteristics.Results: Literature Total3807,Effective literature5,The cumulativetotal of389cases involving children with cough variant asthma TCMsyndromes study cases, Summary of TCM syndromes of20species, Of whichrelates to viscera there are lung, spleen, kidney, liver, in order tolung-based. Main pathogenic factors pathogenic wind, heat evil, coldpathogen, sputum evil, dampness. Disease more empirical, deficiency andfalse is mixed card less than normal;Clinical epidemiological studies of valid cases280cases, The incidence of men slightly more than women.The age of onset is mainly concentrated in early childhood and preschool,adolescent downward trend. In duration from1to12months. The onset ofthe season in the fall and winter seasons. Infection and fragrant dry foodas the main predisposing factors. Most of them have a history of allergies,96.8%of the total number, the majority of eczema. Family history, Nearlyhalf of either one or both parents have allergic history,20%familyhistory of asthma and chronic cough. The survey cough in children ’sdisease, Involving more than20kinds of secondary symptoms, includingthe tongue, pulse and fingerprint. Summarized11kinds of TCM syndromesfrequency from more to less as follows: Wind heat invading55cases(19.6%),Passage of cold lung in40cases (14.3%),Passage of cold lungin40cases (14.3%),The DLS37cases (13.2%),Phlegm obstruct the lungin32cases (11.4%),Phlegm passage of the lung in29cases (10.4%),Foodphlegm card27cases (9.7%),Lung deficiency syndrome in18cases (6.4%),Qiand Yin deficiency syndrome in15cases(5.4%),The pulmonary consolidationkidney deficiency syndrome in11cases (3.9%),Anger Fan fei certificatenine cases (3.2%),Phlegm volts lung in7cases (2.5%).Involving organslung, spleen, kidney, liver, lung mainly, Empirical more diseasedeficiency and false is mixed card less than normal. By stratified studieshave shown that: The11TCM syndromes unrelated to sex, part of theevidence and the age, predisposing factors and the onset of the season.The TCM syndromes nature of Kunming in children CVA false is mixed cardthe National Pediatric cough variant asthma compared with statisticallysignificant.Conclusion:(1) Kunming children with cough variant asthma classified as11kinds of TCM syndromes,"wind heat invading card, the passage of coldlung, phlegm obstruct the lung" empirical.(2) The sputum evil and FengXie Kunming children with cough variant asthma main pathological factors.(3)Kunming cough variant asthma age of onset is mainlyconcentrated in early childhood and preschool, adolescent downwardtrend.(4) Kunming cough variant asthma occur in the fall and winterseasons. Infection and fragrant dry food as the main predisposingfactors.(5) Kunming cough variant asthma the TCM syndromes unrelated tosex, part of the syndrome and age, seasonal incidence, predisposingfactors related.(6) The TCM syndromes nature of Kunming in children CVAfalse is mixed card the National Pediatric cough variant asthma comparedwith statistically significant.

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