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The Study of the Cl Inical Effects of the Therapy of a Card Seven Syndrome on Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Author LiAiHui
Tutor LiuZuo
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords parkinson disease tremor and rigidity therapy of traditionalChinese medieine clinical research
CLC R277.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Backgroud:Parkinson disease (PD) is a kind of neurodegenerative diseases, there are no treatments which can cure the disease thoroughly. The treatment of medicine is the most commonly used method inthe treatments of PD. The dopamine replacement therapy is the most effective method of treatment. When the patients take levodopa longtime, there are many side-effects including abnormal in voluntary movements (AIMs), motor fluctuation, ect. Recently, the traditional Chinese medicine reseach for the etiology and pathogenesis of PD. Many studies show that there are many advantages in the treatment of PD with the traditional Chinese medicine. According to the clinical symptoms of PD,PD is divided into four types, but people seldom study hypokinesia type and rigid type of PD. When these patients see doctors, the disease is very serious. Sometimes even if these patients see doctors, they can also be easily misdiagnosed. This kind of PD is in rigid, less dynamic, postural reflex disorder as the main performance.It will seriously affect the quality of life of the patients in the later period of the disease, this is an important cause of physical disability and death. In recent years, the medical profession began to pay more attention to it, there are also special prescription for this kind of PD.Objective:This study is designed to investigate the clinical effect of a card seven syndrome on PD, and prove that A card seven syndrome which is put forword according to syndrome differentiation has some advantages in treatment of PD.Method:This study adopts s ingle samples before and after treatment of control study. To establish item pool of TCM symptoms in MS in order to form the PD clinical information of case scale. Patients from Dongzhimen Hospital take Peiyuanjiej ing prescript ion,and the period of treatment is three months. In the observation process, we need to record these following scales:UPDRS II, UPDRS III, PDQ-39, Sleep scale, HAMD, MMSE, Constipation scale, the PD cl inical information of case scale. Firstly, we evaluated UPDRS II, UPDRS III, PDQ-39, HAMD, MMSE on the first day, the thirtieth day, the third month. Secondly, we evaluated the PD clinical information of case scale, Sleep scale. Thirdly, we evaluated Constipation scale on the first day, the seventh day.According to the results of the questionnaire, data were input into a computer by a single person. We analyzed the data using SPSS17.0 statistical analysis software, we compared the score before treatment with the score after treatment, We observe whether the difference between scores have statistical significance, We analyze the measurement data using t test, we analyze counting data using rank sum test.Results:In50patients, the difference between the first day and the third month UPDRS scores had significant difference.The difference between the first day and the third month PDQ-39scores had significant difference. The difference between the first day and the third month HAMD scores had significant difference. Beafore treatment50patients had no cognitive dysfunction,and MMSE scores were in the normal range after treatment for three months. TCM symptom relief after the treatment.The number of constipation in patients is44cases accounted for88%before treatment, but the number was8cases accounted for16%after treatment for third months. Before treatment, there were41cases with weak accounted for80.2%, and there were17cases after treatment for34%.Conclusion:1. Peiyuanjiejing prescription can improve clinical symptoms, PD patients myotonia and improve the quality of life of patients.2. Hypokinesia type and rigid type PD, s. pathogenesis is deficiency of liver-yin and kidney-yin, insufficiency of vital energy and blood. We take a good healing effect from the treatment of nourish Kidney and liver.3. The idea of a card seven syndrome is better for the treatment of tremor and rigidity.4. The sample size is small,which influences the conelusion. If we want to get more reliable results, we still need to increase the sample size,make observation periods longer.

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