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To Observe Influence the Effective Components of Gypsum from White Tiger Decoction on Pyrexia

Author ZhaoJiao
Tutor XiaoHongBin
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medicine
Keywords White Tiger Decoction serous calcium interleukin1beta tumor necrosis factor alpha
CLC R284
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective:The aim of the study is to investigate the active ingredient or the regions of gypsum, which make antipyretic effects on indicators include body temperature,serum calcium concentration,and the serum levels of IL-1beta, TNF alpha. All of these indicators derived from the rabbit fever model.In order to supply the objective, scientific experimental evidence for the clinical application. of the White Tiger Decoction and gypsum quality control.Methods:Two rabbit fever model have be made by lipopolysaccharide and2,4-dinitrophenol respectively.The determination of five groups of drugs through the use of non-contact infrared thermometer in different kinds of drugs decoction of the role of the model at different times after the temperature change.then to collect blood, after the3000r/min speed centrifugation for10minutes, to serum; Through using automatic biochemical analyzer with o-cresol phenolphthalein complexone colorimetry assay for the detection of serum calcium ion content; and using a microplate by solid phase sandwich enzyme ELISA specifications in the serum to determine the concentrations about nterleukin1beta and tumor necrosis factor alphaResults:The White Tiger Decoction after dismantlement Research Group on lipopolysaccharide and2,4-dinitropheno which have lead fever in rabbits model, compared with the model group showed inhibition of elevated body temperature effect, where in the gypsum in addition to calcium ion outside those effective components or parts play an antipyretic effect, especially those elements or parts and other drug decocting to play more obvious antipyretic effect.Conclusion:It may be trace substance of effective components or parts in gypsum which play part in antipyretic effective in White Tiger Decoction.

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