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NIR and CPC Analysis of Fructus Psoraleae and Shang-Jie Plaster

Author JiangBoHai
Tutor ZhaoWeiJie
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords Fructus psoraleae Coumarin Shang-Jie Plaster CPC NIR
CLC R284.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The traditional Chinese medicine Fructus psoraleae are the dry mature fruits of the Psoralea Corylifolia L. which is a kind of leguminous plants. Coumarin compounds such as psoralen, isopsoralen and psoralidin are the main active pharmaceutical ingredients of psoralea fruits. Psoralen and isopsoralen have powerful photosensitive activity while psoralidin is a kind of compounds with potentially anti-cancer activity because of its strong anti-oxidation activities. Therefore it is of great importance in high purity separation and preparation of the psoralea fruits.In this paper, traditional separation method was improved after researchingseparation and purification method of main constituent in Psoralea fruits. Adding2times amount of water into the95%ethanol extract of Fructus psoraleae, washing it with petroleum ether/diethyl ether (2/1,v/v) several times, which largely increased the preparation quantity of coumarin of Fructus psoraleae, at the same time difficulties in the following separation processing were lowered. On that basis, the principal active component in Fructus psoraleae was separated by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography which is a new type of high-speed countercurrent chromatography. A systematic study of solvent system, solvent physical parameters, the injection amount, sample solvent and the sample preparation have been performed in order to find the effect of the retain value of the stationary phases, resolution and the preparation quantity, bakuchiol was retroactively separated and dissolved by the two-way elution mode of CCC. Purity analysis of the fractions of CPC was analyzed by HPLC and identified by ’H-NMR and13C-NMR.Fructus psoraleae in different area had very little difference in appearance, however, content of main active ingredients differed greatly. In this paper the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis model of crude Fructus psoraleae was established by the application of near infrared spectral method. With reference to quantitative HPLC method, using integrating sphere diffuse reflectance to capture the near-infrared spectra of corydalis powder, Derivative method with smooth method respectively as preprocessing method, factor method as algorithm, identification of origin of6different origin of Fructus psoraleae was set up by optimizing qualitative parameters of the model and the marked constituents are Psoralen, Isopsoralen and Psoralidin and by the partial least squares regression (PLSR) algorithm to establish quantitative model. Samples from the test had been calculated basing on the correction model, RMSEP:0.426mg/g,0.412mg/g and0.057mg/g. Referencing NIR analysis method of the single traditional Chinese medicine Fructus psoraleae, a dynamic prediction model for content of Baicalin in Shang Jie plasters extract solutions was developed using near-infrared spectroscopy in transmission mode. After predicted by test set, the root mean square error (RMSEP) was0.009mg/g.

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