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High-voltage Electrical Motor VPI Insulation Flaw Local Treatment Method Study

Author WuHongLong
Tutor ZhouYong
School Zhengzhou University
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Keywords The less plastic vacuum pressure the whole dip High-voltage motors Insulation defects Local processing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The power and proportional to the product of the voltage and current of the motor , therefore , when the low - voltage electrical power is increased to a certain extent (e.g. 300KW/380V ) , the current is limited by the wire allows the bearing capacity of the restrictions , it is difficult to enlarge , or too costly This requires to achieve high power output by increasing the voltage . High-voltage motors rated motor voltage above 1000V , often used 6000V and 10000V voltage due to the impact of the operating environment and operating conditions , considerable period of time will cause insulation aging , resulting in high pressure motor failure , including the inter-layer insulation breakdown , interturn the insulation breakdown winding earth fault , winding open circuit failure , winding short-circuit fault , stator coil insulation wear and electrical corrosion , large leakage current , dielectric loss angle increases the wear between the coil and the end of the hoop breakdown coil end insulation subjected to mechanical injury and wedge loose . Be seen the importance of the insulation in the motor , the motor's life depends on the life of the insulation , it was known as the heart of the motor insulation . The scientific and technical personnel at home and abroad have been in competition in the development or improvement of new primary insulating material in order to improve the performance of the main insulation , the motor has a greater market competitiveness . With the high-voltage motors less glue VPI (Vacuum pressure impregnation) whole leaching process matures , its excellent insulation, moisture, vibration , corrosion resistance, heat resistance , and labor-saving , material saving feature more and more high-voltage motors manufacturing enterprises to know , and has been widely adopted . In this paper, the latest high-voltage motor insulation structure and insulation materials research , combined with the knowledge of high voltage insulation technology to analyze the feasibility of using the less plastic VPI whole leaching process local motor insulation defects , study and explore and successful practice of an effective less plastic VPI the whole dip 6kV motor insulation defects local approach , the use of less plastic VPI whole Baptist 6kV motor coil upper edge and end insulation defects local DC voltage test pass , the actual effect is good , and replace the motor compared to the overall coil , saving a lot of manpower , money and time , has made ??a very significant economic and social benefits .

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