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Research of the Chemical Component Fingerprint Difference of the Flue-Cured Tobacco in Different Producing Areas

Author ZhangShuangShuang
Tutor LiuGuoShun
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Tobacco science
Keywords Adulterant HPLC Fingerprint Chromatogram Flue-cured Tobacco
CLC R284
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The chemical compositions of tobacco are very complicated. And the varieties andcontents of chemical compositions are directly related to the quality of the tobacco. So we can use“fingerprint” to realize the tobacco quality evaluation. At present, performance liquidchromatography is mainly used for the identification of separation of polyphenols. There is lessresearch on the HPLC fingerprint. Therefore, clearing the ownership of fingerprint and buildingappropriate fingerprint of chemicals of flue-cured tobacco is very important to guiding the work ofquality evaluation of flue-cured tobacco.On the industrial front, the current judgment of cigarette style and quality is mainlysensory evaluation. And with the development of analytical techniques, chemical fingerprintingtechniques in the field of natural product chemistry matures, especially Chinese herbal medicinefingerprint technology has applied to the authenticity of identification of individual technologieshave been included in the Pharmacopoeia, as a statutory identification standard. Which is no doubtthe authenticity of the work of the tobacco industry; the field evaluation of the quality of cigaretteproducts stability and identification of cigarette products has an important reference. Stability, thedevelopment of tobacco fingerprint technology cigarette products quality, authenticity, and thepros and cons to identify work to introduce new objective evaluation system provides a new wayof thinking.As a natural product, the intrinsic chemical compositions of tobacco have certainpharmacological effects. Therefore, building a tobacco fingerprint, fingerprint attribution of thecultivation of tobacco has a certain role in the development of the tobacco industry. Meanwhile,tobacco will lead to the attention of pharmaceutical scientists to become hot as a controversialeconomic crop.In this paper, solvent ultrasonic extraction and high performance liquid chromatographyseparation of the chemical composition of tobacco extract using gradient elution column:waters-nova-pak C18HPLC Columns (4μm,3.9*150mm); mobile phase A:100%acetonitrile,mobile phase B:3%acetic acid; detection wavelength327nm; flow rate:1ml/min; columntemperature:25℃; into the sample volume:10μL; gradient elution:0min (97%B)→10min (97%B)→45min (50%B)35min (50%B)→60min (5%B)→75min (5%B)50min (10%ofB).In this paper, I studied HPLC fingerprint of the chemical composition of flue-cured tobaccosamples on the base of high performance liquid chromatography method. This fingerprintapproach has a strong precision, stability and reproducibility, the fingerprints of the establishmentof a more stable baseline, high response and a good degree of separation. Completed aneochlorogenic acid, cryptochlorogenic acid, chlorogenic acid, rutin, scopoletin reference standardcontrast patterns, the retention time of the five kinds of standard products and the retention time offlue-cured tobacco on HPLC fingerprint of five characteristic peaks consistent, complete with asubstance. In this paper, the LC-MS technology for HPLC fingerprint map of the mainchromatographic peak of the structure to identify and determine the selection on the14th ofsamples for LC-MS detection, on the14th sample data analysis, results show that in which fivepeaks through and control product comparison, the retention time, UV spectra, mass spectrometryare consistent, respectively, for the neochlorogenic acid, chlorogenic acid, cryptochlorogenic acid,rutin, scopoletin.Through the HPLC fingerprint analysis of tobacco samples of15different producing areas,I determined the tobacco HPLC fingerprint on the control of the map, and15batch samples ofsimilarity analysis, and the results show that, with the13thand14thsample fingerprint and contrastmaps of similarity is low, this may and the local ecological environment, production conditionsrelated, other samples fingerprint and contrast maps of similarity reached more than0.900.Through15batch of samples of flue-cured HPLC fingerprint of chromatographic peak of relativeretention time for and relative peak area investigation, and the results show that, by HPLCflue-cured fingerprint common peak relative retention time difference is small, that the15batch offlue-cured basically the same chemical composition. But common peak relatively peak area biggerdifference, show that the above15place of origin of flue-cured tobacco were because growgeographic environment and climate conditions in the main different chemical compositioncontent difference is bigger.In order to investigate the application of flue-cured HPLC fingerprint on the tobacco field, Iused software DPS to do cluster analysis on the flue-cured tobacco samples of different originareas. The classification results basically distinguish between the Luzhou-flavor tobacco and Qingscent tobacco. Such as the typical Luzhou-flavor tobacco products District, Nanyang, Henan,Henan Fangcheng clustered into one class, the typical Qing scent tobacco Lincang, Chuxiong are clustered i nt o one class, the middle flavor tobacco producing are as of western Guizhou, Bijie areclust ered i nto one class.

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