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The Research of High-prercision Detection of Device about Motor Speed Measurement

Author WuFangSheng
Tutor OuYangMingSan
School Anhui University of Technology
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords motor speed ARM digital image processing accuracy detection device
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In China, the energy issue is very popular in nowadays, the Inefficient use of energy is a major cause of it. Motor industry is no exception, According to statistics, China’s total installed capacity of various types of motors is 420 million KW, the consumption of electricity is more than one trillion KWh, accounting for the proportion of annual electricity consumption of more than 60%. Imagine, if increase 1% in motor efficiency, it would save more than 10 billion KWh of electricity. Nowadays, all kinds of new motor appeared on the market continuously, they are all called that they have high energy efficiency, but how is the extent of energy efficient about these motors, it may need professional electrical testing equipment for testing demonstration. And this test device in the current market is mainly characteristics of torque and rotational speed detection device, therefore, whether the own technical indicator meets the requirement of torque and rotational speed detecting device becomes especially important.This article on the subject has developed a device, the use of ARM technology, which used to detect motor speed measuring device. Judge the device whether arrive the technical specifications, and provides a strong protection for the market, it provides a strong technical basis for the motor manufacturing and motor efficiency.The device can detect the real time, and it can display the current actual speed and the ability of automatic centering. To improve the accuracy of detection devices and ensure connectivity concentricity, the article uses digital image processing system and servo control system. In order to achieve high-precision automatic centering and the completion of high-speed, the article used the image detection, identification, high-precision position control. In the system of hardware circuit design, the main control ARM chips collected in real-time image signal processing to calculate the right of the annex to deviate from the centerline of the exact distance, achieve around about the automatic right of the upper and lower function. At the same time, the use of ARM technology to control movement of the motor, so that the ability to automatically be able to be completed faster and more stable, and use external FLASH chip memory to increase capacity of the data collected. What’s more, the used of external expansion Ethernet interface, SD card slot, serial communication and other functions achieve the devices of multifunction. Finally, it adopt the output signal,which come from the encoder ring of speed sensor, and feed back to the ARM control system, then the ARM control the drive part,achieve the speed of testing requirements,resolve the speed problem of the entire units.This article is divided into six chapters. It focuses on embedded systems hardware and software design and the analysis of algorithms of digital image processing technology. The first chapter is the introduction section. It describes the source, background and the status quo at home and abroad of the subject, as well as research purposes and methods. The second chapter describes the basic working principle of detection devices and development overview of embedded system. Chapter III focuses on digital image processing techniques, analysis of the current popular and applied algorithms. Chapter IV is the hardware design of control system, which introduces the overall design of the hardware model, a microprocessor and its peripheral circuit design. Chapter V is the software design of system, which mainly describes the system as a whole program design ideas, digital image programming, automatic speed measurement in program design and program design. Chapter VI gives the measurement results, and the data analyzed and summarized the results.Finally, made a summary of this topic, and ARM-based motor speed measurement devices has made high-precision test device prospects.Figure [45] table [7] reference [43]

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