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Control System of Rotary Drying for Flake Agricultural Materials

Author KouGuangTao
Tutor GeZhenYang
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Agricultural Electrification and Automation
Keywords Rotaoty drying Fuzzy control SCM Control system simulation
CLC S226.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Agricultural material drying is important key process for agricultural production, especially for agricultural product processing. Different agriculture products require different drying process. Good drying quality is basised on the accurate control of the drying process. Therefore, it has an extremely vital significance to achieve the goal of control loss of materials in process, and to improve agricultural materials drying technology level, and to give full play to the material dryer production ability. Among many drying method and equipment, rotaoty drying has been widely used due to its high thermal efficiency, short drying time, uniform drying, good product qualitydry in practical production.However, the rotaoty drying these days more commonly used for such as mineral sand, chemical raw materials and grain and other granular material of drying. It is relatively rare of drying leaves or agricultural materials such as the petals patchy. Rotaoty drying machine structure though relatively simple, but drying process is nonlinear, time-varying, variable structure, multivariate. It is not only mattered with material characteristics, the parameters, drying process, but also collected biological, chemical, thermodynamics, mechanics etc. interdisciplinary processing technology. Requirement for some drying is not only remove the water and reserve nutrient parts, more important is to keep the original color materials. The traditional methods are hard to reach the goal in many ways.This research subject rely on small and mid-sized enterprise science technology innovation fund projects, flower essence oil and pigment purification technology integration of Yunnan Province. According to the characteristics and drying technology of slice agricultural materials, the computer and fuzzy control technology applied to rotaoty drying automatic control systems and completed experimental design and research, with roses and other plant petals for the research object. The results show that rotaoty drying machine self-designed of condensate recovery for Sheet materials of agriculture, based on the fuzzy control, not only realize the dry, obtained dryed materials, can recycle containing valuable aromatic liquid. For example, flowers water and essential oils, etc. Main content and result in the following aspects in this paper: First of all, I have analysed the situation of agricultural materials drying control technology in and out of China, and have dried representative pieces of agricultural materials I’d selected and have recycled the liquid. I’ve summarized the factors which influenced agricultural materials rotaoty drying process before I made a plan of my research.Secondly, I have solved the problems in machine design、manufacture process and improved the equipment, then, I’ve implified the process by linking the theory with the practice. And I have designed the rotaoty drying fuzzy controller based on the agricultural materials of SCM. It inputs the humidity deviation changes in the rotaoty, outputs the temperature of hot air, establish the fuzzy control rules, work out the fuzzy control table, achieve fuzzy algorithm by table look-up.Furthermore,, the lower computer system is not only used to achieve the acquisition, filtering, information transmission of parameters of the rotaoty drying, but also to receive the variable which is based on the fuzzy control algorithm. Control the parameters in an intellective way which can display、memory、query and monitoring the information in time by the monitoring system of SCM that designed by VB6.0.Finally, this pape complete system modeling simulation by MATLAB7.0 and finish the experiment. Results show that the system satisfies control requirements.In a way, than PID control system based on PLC, the system has better performance indicators. It can provide referential experience for engaging in this aspect of work researchers

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