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Research on Light-Load Oscillation Suppression Strategies of Variable Frequency Inverter-Driven Induction Motors

Author LiangXinXin
Tutor SunLiZhi
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Motor and electrical
Keywords Induction motor Constant ratio control Stator voltage orientation Deadband compensation Oscillation suppression
CLC TM921.51
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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V / F control mode of induction motor variable frequency drive system has a simple control, better speed performance and lower cost advantages , has been widely applied in the field of AC variable speed . But following the traditional induction motor V / F variable frequency drive system at the fundamental frequency in the band -load or light load running , there are the stator current oscillation speed, torque buffeting oscillation , resulting in performance degradation of the system control and safe operation of motor had a negative impact . In order to solve the above problems , this paper conducted in-depth research system oscillation mechanism and suppression strategy . First, in the analysis based on the mathematical model of induction motors steady-state two-phase rotating coordinate system of the V / F control method of the basic principles and dq equivalent circuit of the induction motor based on the ideal V / F control mode induction motor in the space stability problems when the load operation , obtained by numerical simulation of motor parameters on the stability of the system affect the trend . Secondly, the PWM signal dead zone affect the system oscillation mechanism . Oscillation suppression method based on the duty cycle deadband compensation and its inhibitory effect is simulated and analyzed . Simulation results show that the dead-time compensation strategy can effectively solve the relatively large dead time / carrier frequency motor current oscillation and distortion problems caused by the dead zone . Again , in order to more effectively address the issue of system oscillations from a balanced point of view of the theory of instantaneous power system oscillation problems analysis, oscillatory component based on the active current feedback deadband compensation oscillation suppression strategy . MATLAB / Simulink environment to build a simulation model of the system , the system oscillation suppression program simulation study , the results show that the scheme effective solution to the oscillation problem of the system . Finally , to build a general-purpose inverters experimental platform, based on the V / F control mode was investigated experimentally . Experimental results show that proposed in this paper based on the active current feedback deadband compensation oscillation suppression strategy can be a good solution to the oscillation problem of the induction motor , effectively improve the traditional V / F control induction motor variable frequency drive system stability .

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