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Research on Literature and Clinical Application of Longdanxiegan Decoction and Its Associated Prescriptions

Author QinQin
Tutor ShiLiWen
School Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Of Chinese Medicine
Keywords Longdanxiegan Decoction class party literature research clinical application
CLC R289
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The traditional Chinese medicine, Longdanxiegan Decoction,is a classic prescriptions,because of the remarkable effect,wide application, and the prescription is recommended by many doctors for a long time in past dynasties, and the rich experience is accumulated by many ancient and modern doctors in clinical use,but for the personal experience.The lack of a deep and systematic research and discussion from theory and clinic. At the same time,as a result of Longdanxiegan Decoction’s negative reports,make some clinical physicians not use Longdanxiegan Decoction,further led to the inheritance,development and innovation of this Decoction is a little bit worse than other prescription.This article from the prescription literature and clinical application view,through collecting and coordirating ancient and modern literature of Longdanxiegan Decoction and its class parties,adopting traditional literature research method,the use of flow from the source and the method could be traced,"Taipinghuaiminhejijufang",and into the next book of the generations after typhoid influential works such as "Mazhengjicheng",as well as modern medicine for Longdanxiegan’s research,from a theoretical and clinical aspects of the system seeks to Longdanxiegan Decoction and its class of party development law and application,including the source,compositiocharacteristics,treatment principle,clinical application characteristics,typical medical cases and so on.On this basis,by analyzing,summarizing,and combined with the clinical experience of tutor,elaborate Longdanxiegantang’s clinical application,medicine addition and subtraction and used drug dosage and other laws:Application of Longdanxieiegan Decoction range analysis, has obtained this method in ancient times previously yin disease and Department of Dermatology disease as the primary treatment goal; modern department of Dermatology, liver and nervous system disease therapy. The ancient and modern clinical syndromes of same, for the liver meridian damp-heat and hepatobiliary real fire on inflammation, specific symptoms are ancient Yin, swollen pruritus vulvae, cloudy perspiration, affected the searing (redness, itching or pain), secretions yellow viscous (sticky muddy). Rib pain, headache, red eyes, ears sudden deafness, bitter taste; the urine is yellow, pulse string or number, red tongue, yellow (tired); modern irritable, bitter taste, night uneasiness, hypochondriac pain, red eye, mouth thirst, yellow urine red, dry stool, pulse string or number, red tongue, yellow and greasy fur and other mainly.While in the drug dose, mainly must pay attention to the following drug dosage: Aristolochia manshuriensis:with Caulis Clematidis Armandii or Ricepaperplant Pith instead, Clematidis Armandii preferred a dose of1.5g, Ricepaperplant Pith is a3g; gentian Gentiana: cold great bitterness, dose to3g is appropriate; Radix Bupleuri:Bupleurum preferred doses for3g; Glycyrrhizae:choose righteousness, dose of1.5-3g.In addition, the study also Longdanxiegan Decoction and class party origin undertook thorough analysis, draw Longdanxiegan Decoction name first appeared in the<Lan Shi Mi Cang>, and the existing of Longdanxiegan decoction is derived from<Jiao Zhu Fu Ren Liang Fang>, after the<Yi Fang Ji Jie>cited. And the study of related problems existed are analyzed, for Longdanxiegan Decoction and its method of prescription of standardization and standardization provides a theoretical basis, but also for further research of Longdanxiegan Decoction and its method and a preliminary outlook.

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