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Study and Design on Data Acquisition and Prediction for Systems of Brushless Doubly-fed Wind Turbine

Author GaoMeiQing
Tutor LiuYanPing
School Hebei University of Technology
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Brushless doubly-fed Pitch angle Support vector regression DSP Data collection
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of the world economy , resources, environment and energy depletion problem has become increasingly severe , countries are actively developing and using a variety of renewable , non-polluting , low-cost new energy. Wind energy systems, especially wind power systems research and development of new energy technologies has become a hot research field , where brushless doubly-fed wind turbine , wind wheel through a pair of double pitch control , can achieve the unit VSCF , this advanced technology has become pitch control of wind power technology research priorities. In this paper, brushless doubly-fed wind turbine pitch systems analyzed, support vector regression algorithms predict pitch angle of approach and design of DSP controlled high-speed data acquisition system. Design, mainly using support vector regression (SVR) algorithm, namely support vector machine regression analysis techniques, select the appropriate kernel function for finite sample case design the best regression curve to get any lower wind speed data the best pitch angle data, and the use of MATLAB tools for the prediction of the simulation training and testing . The application results show that the algorithm than previous neural network algorithm for higher accuracy, greater generalization ability , can increase overall system control pitch accuracy and efficiency . Wind speed data acquisition system using DSP forecast data collection , the core operation unit of TI's DSP TMS320F28335 chip. Wind speed sensor signal after , the resulting analog signal after analog-digital converter input to the DSP system . Peripheral circuits including the system 's power supply circuit, reset circuit , DSP 's ADC section , a storage section , RS-232 interface section and DSP expansion interface part of the design , and the design of the main wind speed signal acquisition circuit software process, reached a preliminary design purposes.

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