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Study of 20-59 year-old crowd of carotid artery ultrasound imaging features and related factors

Author QianJiaJia
Tutor ZhangJianGuo
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Human Movement Science
Keywords Carotid artery ultrasound imaging characteristic related factors
CLC R445.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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PURPOSEThis article by means of measuring carotid artery ultrasound imaging of population aged from20to59years old.finding out the current situation of morphological index and hemodynamic index. And analysis the correlations between hemodynamic index、body composition lifestyle factors and carotid morphologic indicators, and then analyze and discusse the factors that have relevant with morphological indexes’changing. In order to improve health, enhance the quality of life and provide the scientific theory basis. METHOD AND OBJECTUsing the method of literature to understand the research status of both domestic and abroad on carotid ultrasound imaging. Using ultrasonic instrument SSI-5500from Cardiovascular function laboratory at the Nanjing Normal University totests carotid ultrasound imaging on-site(including carotid artery morphological index and hemodynamic index).Testing body composition with body composition tester Inbody720.At the same time using questionnaire survey method to understand the experimental object’s diet structure and habit, physical exercise, daily travel mode, smoking and drinking habits. There are201valid samples, aged from20to59,in which males occupy48.3%overall, women accounted for51.7%.RESULTS1, Population aged20-59carotid diameter grows along with the age increasing, and the group of20-29years compared with males at the age of40, appears to change apparently,women change apparently at age of50. While compared with women, after the age of30, males diameter are larger than females in the same age group.2, Population aged20-59IMT showed thickening with the increase of age. Males after age30is markedly thickened, while the women under the age of40shows different degrees of thickening.3,20-29age groups did not appear plaque, after the age of30men and women all appeared the plaque, men at the age of50detection rate reached70%, the female after the age of30plaque detection rate was20-35%at each age group. In the crowd of plaque, people has two plaques account for27.3%, has3plaques account for9.3%. By eliminating age factor,the group with plaque IMT were significantly thicker than the group without plaque. 4, Overall, PSV and EDV of20-29age groups were higher than other age groups,but arterial elastic index was also higher than others. And also arterial elastic index of meals was significantly greater than the same age group of women. Comparison the hemodynamic index,we found that people with plaque,PSV、EDV were significantly lower than those whowith no plaque.5, Body fat rate and visceral fat index grow with the age increasing. But did not have obvious correlation with morphological index.6, In according to the logistic regression analysis results," intake of dairy products5days a week or more "," drinking liquor3days a week or more " the two life styles have close relationship with atherosclerotic plaques. According to the linear multivariate regression model analysis, found that" intake of dairy product5days a week or more " will cause the thickening IMT.CONCLUSIONSWe found the following phenomena under the experimental conditions:1, With the age increasing,carotid morphologic index showed varying degrees of changes:arterial diameter shows gradually broadening trend; IMT gradually thickening; atherosclerosis plaque incidence rate gradually increased. And these morphological changes of men were earlier than women.2, With the age increasing,PSVN EDV and arterial elastic index showed a downward trend, males changes also earlier than females; arterial elastic index of males s were significantly larger than female in all age groups.3, The left carotid artery plaque was closely related with PSV、EDV:when there is a plaque occurs, PSV and EDVwere significantly decreased.4, Body composition indicators:body fat rate and visceral fat index have no relationship with carotid artery morphological index.5," intake of dairy products5days a week or more ",this habit was closely related with IMT also with s plaque; drinking liquor3days a week or more also will lead to atherosclerosis plaque.

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