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Study on the Control Strategy of Sensorless Brushless DC Motor

Author LiChunFeng
Tutor YuWeiBo
School Changchun University of
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Brushless DC motor Back EMF 3rd harmonic method Fuzzy Control BP neural network DSP
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Brushless DC motor with the previous position sensor brushless DC motor compared with the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency , reliable operation and easy maintenance , defense, aerospace , robotics , automotive electronics and other fields a better application . However, there are some deficiencies in the speed control strategy , greatly limits its further application . Therefore, Brushless DC motor speed control strategy of great significance . In this paper, Brushless DC motor speed control system , in-depth study . 1 on the basis of the analysis on the structure and composition of the Brushless DC motor and its basic working principle , in accordance with the principles of the brushless DC motor speed control , the establishment of Brushless DC motor double-loop speed control system's overall design solutions. Design for the current loop , the current adaptive regulator . For the speed loop speed controller based on fuzzy PID controller is designed . Experimental results show that the control strategy used in this paper can effectively implement the smooth speed control of the brushless DC motor . (2) the characteristics of Brushless DC motor rotor position detection difficult , the third harmonic back EMF - based rotor position detection method , while the design of the back EMF detection circuit and a low pass filter circuit , low - pass filter circuit filter out high frequency harmonic signals , and finally to obtain the exact position of the rotor . Brushless DC motor commutation torque ripple suppression , the use of the BP neural network parameter self-learning PID commutation torque ripple suppression method . Experimental results show that the Ripple Rejection on commutation torque ripple ripple effectively suppressed . Using a digital signal processor TMS320LF2812 position sensorless the digital speed brushless DC motor control system design . Mainly to complete the PWM control , ADC sequential sampling mode , the signal capturing unit and I / O control and other aspects of the design ; They also design the current detecting circuit , a motor driving circuit , the phase voltage detecting circuit , a low pass filter circuit , and a power supply circuit or the like .

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