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Support network - a case study for S hospital psychiatric patients' social long-term hospitalization

Author HeXiaoMin
Tutor GaoWanHong
School Yunnan University
Course Sociology
Keywords psychosis long-term hospitalized psychopath psychosisrehabilitation social support
CLC R473.74
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, China’s social transformation accelerated, mental health has aroused concern. Practice and theory of social work promote long-term hospitalized psychopath patient rehabilitation get into the exploratory stage. The psychopath are a special group of people once they have been labeled "psychopath" label, has become the object of the world of misunderstanding and rejection, especially hospitalized psychopath.They live in a space-time completely out of touch with normal society Most of them are not only suffer from the long-term disease tourment and drug harm, but also bear the great pressure that society bring them.In this research, taking into account the particularity of the research object, the researcher uses the method of action research. In the entire survey,not only use questionnaires to collect quantitative data, but also adopt a lot of interviews and participant observation to collect precious qualitative data. In this research, the long-term hospitalized psychopath’s social support network is divided into:The blood relationship support, the medical support, the otherness support and the fellow patient support.The research discovered that the social support units for long-term hospitalized psychopath constantly reduced, social support continually weakened. Their desires and motives for seeking help are weak, but still hope to get the society’s attention, care and concern in his heart. They hope that this society can give them more tolerance and understanding, able to accept them and does not discriminate against them. They long for that the hospital gives them more humanistic support and help.They live in the hospital, the fellow patient each other accompanying are actually unable to carry on in-depth communication and exchange, the fellow patient resources are unable to play a strong support effect.On the basis of this discovery, the author analyzed the relevant factors that affect the social support networks of long-term hospitalized psychopath, formulated rehabilitation services program, and launched the practice exploration. The researcher proposed a mode, that, through many social resources of the excavation and reconstruction of social support networks, to promote long-term hospitalized psychopath rehabilitation,to make a certain contribution to the related fields of practice and theory.

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