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600MW unit dry - coal-fired boiler slagging System

Author YaoChangQi
Tutor LiChuanTong
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords Coal-fired power plants Slagging system Dry Slag System Control system PLC Boiler thermal efficiency Energy conservation
CLC TK223.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Dry Slag Zouxian Power Plant 600MW coal-fired generating units # 6 boiler system as the research object control, of Dry Slag control theory model of the system and the control system configuration, the software implementation of the system, the control system The airport, as well as dry tap different operating conditions of the boiler efficiency of content. Detailed analysis of the first run the status quo and its system of of Dry Slag China's coal-fired power plant boiler system, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of conveying dry-slagging system, and from the technical level recommendations and measures. Then, the Zouxian power plants combination of participation Nanjing General Electric Company assumed 600MW coal-fired generating sets # 6 boiler dry-slagging system transformation project, the overall design of the dry-slagging system to determine the various subsystems requirements; composition and related technologies based on the design of the Zouxian power plants boiler # 6 Dry Slag on dry-slagging system design system integration of the PLC control system and control system, including PLC control system selection of hardware, software, writing software to run the program. Put into normal operation in the dry-slagging system developed Zouxian power plant boiler dry slag system thermal performance field test program, and the completion of the different operating conditions dry tap system output performance The field test also # 6 furnace under different conditions, the efficiency of the anti-equilibrium thermal field test, data collation and analysis of the field test results, and analysis of the dry slag system # 6 boiler thermal efficiency and energy saving effect. The research work of this paper to draw the following conclusions: (1) Zou County Power Plant Dry Slag # 6 boiler control system for major hardware PLC control system, the host computer use IFIX4.5 the configuration software for the monitoring software . The lower machine Concept V2.6 XLEN software Concept V2.6 XLEN software programs exist in a modular way, programming directly apply the module. The above configuration of the control system, since Zouxian Power Plant # 6 Dry Slag boiler system has been put to prove Dry Slag control system can meet the dry slag system field control technology requirements, the whole system has a strong anti-jamming capability, maintainability; scalability well adapted to the harsh environment and other significant advantages, Dry Slag system matching 600MW units for other types of control system design, configuration, and The system provides the technical basis; (2) Zou County Power Plant # 6 boiler the original wet slagging system transformation after dry-slagging system designed in this paper, the content of combustible materials in the boiler slagging and transformation of the former slag the combustible content is substantially the same. Different operating conditions in the boiler, the hearth cooling air after a dry tap system cooled slag, its temperature will rise. Dry Slag from the bottom of the boiler, the boiler is generally less than 1% of the furnace's total air volume. Measured in field trials in different operating conditions of the dry-slagging system, dry slag system enters the bottom of the furnace, the air temperature between 24 ℃ ~ 326 ℃. 0.90% of the total air volume of the dry-discharging systems for wind accounts into the furnace and into the furnace of the average air temperature is 290.1 ??℃, 0.107% corresponding increase in boiler efficiency. Transferred to reduce the critical impact boiler efficiency by elevated hearth average inlet air temperature of 262 ℃, the rational organization of the bottom of the furnace into the wind, so that the bottom of the furnace into the wind and furnace slag full heat exchange is to ensure that the dry-slagging system After transformation, the key to energy saving; (3) the Zouxian power plants # 6 boiler from transformation of wet slagging system costs Wen design of dry-slagging system after the system is running security, reliable, fully able to meet the furnace normal the slagging the requirements of the operating conditions compared with the original wet slagging system, the dry-slagging system annual savings of approximately 259,000 tons of water, the auxiliary power savings of approximately 658,100, saving about 900 tons of coal, annual savings of the total cost of 2,132,850 yuan, dry-slagging system payback period of about four years. The results of this research, the dry tap system not only can be used for large capacity units of coal-fired power plants in China, and will produce significant energy saving effect and social benefits, commercial competitiveness. Transformation of dry slag system for China's large and medium-sized power plants, coal-fired boiler design, run reference and practical promotional value.

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