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Based on Region Culture Characteristic Characteristic Commercial Block Plan Development Research

Author FengMin
Tutor HaoChiBiao
School Qingdao Technological University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Regional culture City's character Features urban commercial district Qingdao
CLC TU984.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Now, more and more cities and neighborhoods with the rapid development of the economy and the ever-accelerating process of globalization constantly showing a pattern of the monotony of the landscape and planning. If a city or a neighborhood completely lost its own characteristics, then it will erode their competitiveness even destruction. Therefore, urban neighborhood characteristics must create a completely their own unique personality and characteristics. But how to shape a unique characteristic of the neighborhood characteristics by more and more experts and scholars concerned about this issue. Has existed since ancient characteristics Street and through several stages of development, suitable for all stages of the economic and social development. And played a certain role in promoting economic and social development. Ancient and modern alike, but in contemporary Chinese characteristics street is given a special meaning to become a city of the \Features Street on the city's all-round, is a very important aspect of urban construction and economic construction. Construction of neighborhood characteristics must follow certain principles and laws must be in accordance with the objective conditions of the local integration into the local geographical and cultural characteristics, reflecting the local people and culture, Only in this way can create with local characteristics, belonging to their own unique personality neighborhood characteristics. Specialty commercial district not only people's leisure and entertainment center spaces, walk and commercial activities of the continuum. Colorful urban landscape and regional culture, enjoy the show, the most concentrated expression of the historical and cultural characteristics of the entire city. Different regions, different due to geographical location, climate and cultural practices, led to the concept of culture, aesthetic taste, thought forms, and many other differences, so that each city have their own characteristics in the process of formation, evolution and development of, so Features commercial district of Qingdao city Qingdao geographical and cultural characteristics into their own planning and development, it is the core idea of ??the topics discussed. Qingdao, with its unique urban landscape and historical heritage. Outstanding historical buildings have a whole slice of morphological integrity due to historical reasons, the epitome of modern Chinese Century architecture. Qingdao building combines mountain scenery and cultural characteristics, the formation of a \Colorful building in Qingdao, vividly demonstrated history of Qingdao, constitute a vivid record of of Qingdao growth process and the distinctive characteristics of the urban cultural landscape, important connotation of this historical and cultural city of Qingdao and logos. Qingdao City, a major feature is the specialty commercial district planning and construction, under the guidance of the city planning, Qingdao City the Specialty Commercial Street planning should fully embody the characteristics of Qingdao, regional, cultural and times. In this paper, the characteristics of urban commercial district planning guide regional and cultural ideas start. Learn the theory and method to explore a sustainable development of the city to lay a good foundation for cultural development theory embodies the characteristics of the geographical features of the city commercial district planning. Through urban design, geographical and cultural manifestation commercial district in the city's character, as the research object the Specialty Commercial Street in Qingdao City, North, to create a city of Qingdao characteristics street space sequence, for the public and visitors a feel for the spirit of the geographical and cultural place. The last author in the topic in-depth study of the reasons for the reason why the city of North will appear at the same time a number of characteristics of the commercial district, with the location, economic, and cultural factors. Summarizes the characteristics of commercial district close relationship between the development of the old city at the same time, and analyze the advantages of Qingdao City North District Taitung commerce development of neighborhood characteristics, and the city of North how better development of specialized commercial district put forward some recommendations . Based on the present and look to the future, efforts to achieve regional culture with the combination of the characteristics of modern commercial district, to create cultural taste and unique style of modern features commercial district, constructed with Qingdao distinctive city streets is the goal of this thesis research.

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