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Supermarket Culture and Supermarket Architecture Research

Author WangZuo
Tutor XuQiang
School Qingdao Technological University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Supermarket Supermarket culture Supermarket building Retail formats Development trends shopping mall
CLC TU247.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In recent years, the rapid development of retail formats, we re-classification of the existing retail formats. Definition of supermarket, academia mixed views, but there are some commonalities. From the background of the supermarkets, supermarkets generally refers to commercial establishments to operate the food, daily necessities mainly open-shelf display and sales, customer self-service payment unified settlement. The term \Commercial building codes are not traditional shops and supermarkets make a distinction, a lot of books on retail formats of most shops and supermarkets as a class format called and analysis, and industry-recognized. In such a situation, the true supermarket building combined with its cultural context appropriate research is particularly important in the rapid development of the situation in the supermarket. Thesis: 1. To generalize, combing, summarizes the theory of supermarket culture, combined with supermarket the culture carrier supermarket building comprehensive analysis. Supermarket characteristics: strict commodity packaging, categories, price codes, customer self-service, puerile, the use of electronic computers and other modern equipment, to go out once a settlement payment characteristics. With other retail formats such as: retail stores, chain stores, shopping center development have associated these commercial retail formats, interspersed with each other in the development of mutual influence, and not a strict distinction should be said. Analysis according to the author of the \supermarket. The supermarket building commercial buildings, not commercial building featured content with the main line of research analysis is naturally break away. The supermarket building research include: several major architectural identity, building forms, architectural space, architectural color, the built environment, parking and storage space and ancillary space. From these areas reflect the architectural features of buildings from the supermarket. Which, including supermarket mental image of a building identification reflect on exterior building identification - LOGO internal discount promotional ads for supermarket building functional sections in the sections of building space, highlighting the supermarket management requirements of building space and supermarket shelf arrangement of architectural space affect the two intended to point out the cultural characteristics of targeted impact on the architectural design, to highlight the supermarket culture with supermarket building research topic. Targeted in support of the above theory, for example, the famous supermarket case combined with theoretical analysis, described in detail the characteristics point. Examples illustration is indispensable. Chapter abroad three major supermarket giant Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, and the leader of the domestic supermarket Vanguard, Conditioner, ABBA supermarket case analysis, pointed out that the difference between the foreign the supermarket culture with domestic supermarket culture. Each case consists of two parts: supermarkets the Introduction and supermarket Features culture reflected in the construction field. By combing the cultural context, as well as construction-related areas: business district of the selection criteria, siting requirements and other points of analysis can clearly understand the advantages of the local supermarket cultural defects and foreign supermarket favor local supermarket targeted a competitive strategy. Preliminary theoretical analysis under the guidance of the combination of the two cases and the status and trends of the development of modern supermarket, an overview of the next supermarket is likely to continue the development of the situation and outlook. The future development of the supermarket, from the operator perspective, the key is how to improve quality. The quality here include: construction, environmental goods, services and other supermarkets are involved in all aspects of the quality, the prices have not mastered the operating globally in the form of spiritual things became a mainline competition. From the above known type supermarkets have resorted to various means in order to be able to gain a place in the fierce retail competition, the carrier these means in addition to the marketing strategy is the extension of Chengqi Wen of context: building. So, boutique, personalized architectural means to display their application, the supermarket building large-scale has become inevitable. Author intentions through the cultural context of the study supermarket, to draw a clear range of \In particular, if the supermarket building more effective specification, can play a vital role in the good development of modern and future supermarket. Especially in the era of rapid development of the supermarket, boutique, personalized, large-scale development of the situation of the modern supermarket, but also in a very long time in the future development of the situation, if effectively summarize the characteristic reaction of supermarket culture on the construction a thorough understanding of its cultural nature, is conducive to the proper use in architectural design, make more supermarket cultural characteristics supermarket building.

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