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Durability Study of the Concrete Components Bonded with Bfrp Composite Sheets under Ultraviolet Light

Author GuXiFeng
Tutor HuHaiTao;YangYongXin
School Qingdao Technological University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Basalt fiber sheet Mechanical Properties Concrete strength Bond Performance Reinforced concrete beams Reinforced concrete columns Ultraviolet radiation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Basalt fiber the composite (BasaltFiberReinforcedPolymers) as a FRP composite material, with its good mechanical properties and a higher cost in recent years, together with CFRP, AFRP, GFRP strengthening in civil engineering has been a wide range of applications. Many experts and scholars at home and abroad to expand the related basalt fiber composite materials and reinforced concrete members and made a lot of research. Durability of basalt fiber composite reinforced concrete members is still relatively small, especially ultraviolet radiation basalt fiber composite reinforced concrete elements affect research is minimal. Material is exposed to sunlight irradiation, especially irradiation of ultraviolet light in the solar spectrum, it is prone to aging, but the natural process of aging is a slow also another long, so we studied by direct UV irradiation to basalt fiber material reinforced concrete component durability. This research was supported by the National 863 Project \The study mainly include the following aspects: (1) on the basalt fiber reinforced composites and concrete durability under ultraviolet light capable of experimental research. With two different epoxy impregnated basalt fiber fabric, respectively, produced a 25 tensile test piece of the sheet, and after different times of ultraviolet irradiation, obtained by a tensile test, the tensile strength of the basalt fiber sheet, stretched The variation of the length ratio and the modulus of elasticity under UV irradiation, and different resin on the durability of the basalt fiber sheet. Different strength grade concrete cube compression test after UV irradiation, the variation of the compressive strength of concrete cube. (2) the variation of ultraviolet radiation on the bonding properties between basalt fiber cloth with concrete. Conducted a total of 60 tensile-shear specimens and 120 positive test tensile specimen, through different fiber cloth types, different impregnated resin, different concrete strength and other factors change, further analysis of the ultraviolet radiation between basalt fiber cloth with concrete bonding properties. (3) After UV irradiation after the normal section of the basalt FRP reinforced concrete beams flexural capacity study. Conducted a total of six reinforced concrete beam test, and then get under UV irradiation conditions reinforced concrete beam failure characteristics and durability of the law in different irradiation period. (4) of the basalt FRP reinforced concrete columns under pressure after UV irradiation axis carrying capacity. Conducted a total of 16 tests of reinforced concrete columns, and by changes in the factors of different reinforcement layers, different reinforcement methods of reinforced concrete column performance before and after UV irradiation.

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