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Security and Stability Analysis of Shengli Oilfield Power System

Author WenXiangZhou
Tutor ZhangHengXu
School Shandong University
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords Power system angle stability voltage stability disturbance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Shengli Oil Field Electric Power System is a large interconnected system, consisting of Shandong grid power and captive power plant, substations, transmission and distribution lines, power facilities and other large electrical load. The fundamental task is to run the system safety, quality and efficiency for the oil and gas production, gathering, machining, surface construction and other power users. The power system to ensure continued security and stability is a prerequisite for this task.Require high reliability, over a broad, complex, nonlinear many factors interfere with the randomness is strong, operating mode changing is the main oil field power system characteristics, which make the field grid security, quality, economic performance has been face serious challenges. Therefore, in-depth study of various power system stability problem causes and theories, targeted measures to enhance power system stability, power system for ensuring security and stability of oil, gas production and construction for the oil field escort has a very important role.Compared to the size of the power system rapid development of its own, the theory of power system security and stability of development have been relatively backward. Because of this, many countries have occurred destruction of a large blackout due to power system stability.Grid disturbance caused by many factors, can be summed up:(1) power structure, including the power supply configuration, network structure, magnetic ring, and many other aspects; (2) power system security and stability controls, including relay protection, overload protection, automatic safety and stability devices, automatic control unit (excitation system, speed control system); (3) power system operation management, including operation mode, flow control, spinning reserve, transmission lines and the spare transmission capacity constraints, expected accident classification and scheduling management of the whole network.In this paper, the problem of power system stability and security and stability control are reviewed, described the development of oil fields in the grid security and stability of the main problems facing the stage. Then, with the actual oil field power grid, From the angle stability and voltage stability of both a more systematic analysis and summary of the oil in a large power system security and stability under disturbance conditions and summarizes the control measures taken, strategies,and to improve power system security field stability put forward their own proposals.

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