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The Changes and Significance of a-SNA, E-Cadherin, Twist1and Transforming Growth Factor-batal in Rats with Non-Alcoholic Liver Fibrosis

Author JiWeiWei
Tutor SongYuLin
School Anhui Medical University,
Course Internal Medicine
Keywords non-alcoholic Liver fibrosis rat high fat diet carbon tetrachloride epithelial mesenchymal transition Twist1TGF-β1
CLC R575.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective To evaluate the role of hepatocyte epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)and EMT regulator molecule Twist1and transforming growth factor-beta1in rats withnon-alcoholic liver fibrosis.Methed Non-alcoholic liver fibrosis in rats were induced by high fat diet (HFD)andlow dose of CCl4.45male SD rats were randomly devided into the normal controlgroup(N), HFD+low dose of CCL4group(M). The group M rats were fed with HFDand injected subcutaneously with low dose of40%CCL4(V/V)(2ml/kg,2times/wk),The group N rats were fed with nomal diet and injected subcutaneously with peanut oil,the concentrate and the frequence of which was the same as group M. After eight weeksand ten weeks, the rats should be killed in batches. Liver function test and serumTG、TCh were detected, and the degree of steatosis and fibrosis of the rat livers wereobserved, Twist1,E-cadherin and a-SMA expression in hepatocytes were examined byinmunohistochemical method. TGF-β1levels in liver homogenates were detected byEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.liver fibrosis.Result compared with the group N, serum GLO,ALT,AST and TC levels weresignificantly increased(P <0.05, P <0.01),but A/G ratio was decreased in group M at the8th week and10th week(P <0.05). At the8th week, hepatic steatosis in group M ratswas obvious with the development of liver fibrosis, the expression of hepatocyte Twist1and a-SMA in group M rat liver were increased,but E-cadherin are decreased(P <0.05,P <0.01). At the10th week, the degree of liver fibrosis,the expression of hepatocyteTwist1and a-SMA were obviously increased,but the expression of E-cadherin was further decreased (P <0.05)., TGF-β1levels in liver homogenates was increased at the8thweek and10th week,(P <0.01),and there is a positive correlation between transforming growthfactor-bata1and Twist1(P <0.05).Conclusion Hepatocyte EMT occurred during fibrosis progression of nonalcoholic fattyliver disease.. Twist1and TGF-β1may promote the development of non-alcoholic liverfibrosis. Hepatocyte EMT could be regulated by TGF-β1/Twist1pathway

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