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The Study of the Conservation and Development of Historical Garden

Author NiMing
Tutor WangHao
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Urban Planning and Design
Keywords Landscape Architecture Historic Gardens Protection Develop Slender West Lake Park
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The historic garden is an important historical and cultural heritage of mankind , is a vitality heritage . China is a big country has a rich history of gardens , however, because of the protection of ideas and technology behind many historic gardens facing unprecedented threats and challenges . Slender West Lake is an outstanding representative of Chinese classical gardens , a Chinese classical charm of the lake gardens . Protection and development of this valuable historic gardens , not only of the Slender West Lake Park is very important , but also plays an important role for the maintenance of the ancient city of Yangzhou , Yangzhou ecological environment protection . First, a lot of reading , analysis and summary of background information on the basis of historical and cultural city protection, the protection of architectural heritage , Chinese classical garden art theory , through the analysis and study of the history of the world cultural heritage protection , the protection and development of historic gardens universality exploration and study of the relationship between the protection and development of the concept and its value constitute a system overview of historic gardens , asked the protection and development of the basic principles , and to explore the content of the protection and development of historic gardens and universal guiding significance the basic method. Then the article for the study instance Slender West Lake , the particularity of the Slender West Lake Park . Through a variety of ways to collect and collate historical data of the Slender West Lake Park , in accordance with the chronological order of the sort of the Slender West Lake Garden History , and then do their gardening features a brief analysis and summary . Finally, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the conservation status of the Slender West Lake Park , and then proposed protection measures and their protection . Finishing the protection of the important attractions in the park , and analysis of the problems encountered in the work and to propose solutions . Protection and development are mutually reinforcing Community , the premise of protection in order to develop a reasonable and sensible development in order to promote the protection . Wan Garden project is an important development projects of the Slender West Lake Park , with its research and development instance to analyze the principles and methods of analysis come to the Slender West Lake Park developed , and the Slender West Lake Park development recommendations . In order to provide a reference for the future development of the Slender West Lake Park and the other historic gardens .

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