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The Early Evaluation of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Patients with Abnormal Glucose Metabolism

Author GaoZuo
Tutor WeiChunYing
School Nanchang University
Course Internal Medicine
Keywords impaired glucose tolerance impaired fasting glucose Type2diabetic Mitral pulsed wave doppler inflow Doppler tissue imaging NT-proBNP diastolic function
CLC R587.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objectives:The purpose of this study was to explore the changes of left ventricular diastolicfunction in pre-diabetes and Type2diabetes, and provided the evidence for earlydiagnosis and prevention.Methods:The subjects were classified into the impaired glucose tolerance group(n=40),the impaired fasting glucose group(n=41), type2diabetic group(n=40) and normalcontrol group(n=40). Left Ventricular diastolic function was assessed by MitralPulsed Wave Doppler inflow(MPWD), Doppler Tissue Imaging(DTI) andNT-proBNP. The corresponding index include early diastolic mitral flow velocity(E),late diastolic mitral flow velocity(A), E/A ratio, the peak early diastolic mitral annularvelocity(Em), the peak late diastolic mitral annular velocity(Am), Em/Am ratio,E/Em ratio. One-way ANOVA stastistical methods were performed to comparedifferences between different state and further analysis with SNK-Q test.Analysis ofthe experimental data, differences were considered significant at p<0.05for all tests.Results:1.There were no significant differences in E value, A value, E/A ratio, Am valueamong normal group, IGT group and IFG group (p>0.05). Comparing with abovethree groups, T2DM group had significant differences (p<0.05). While Em, Em/Am,E/Em ratio had differences in pairwise comparison among the four groups other thanthe IFG group and the IGT group (p<0.05).2. NT-proBNP values had no difference among normal group, IGT group andIFG group(p>0.05), but NT-proBNP values in T2DM group was significantly higherthan other three groups (p<0.05)3. E/Em ratio was significantly parallelism with NT-proBNP levels. rs=0.682,(p<0.01)4. Detection rate of diastolic dysfunction in DTI was higher than MPWDⅹ~2=8.1.(p<0.01) 5. There was no significantly associatied with≥50%LVEF and NT-proBNPlevels. rs=-0.099,p=0.213(p>0.05).Conclusions:1.Diastolic dysfunction have existed in impaired glucose tolerance, impairedfasting glucose and Type2diabetic patients.2. Doppler Tissue Imaging may be more sensitive than conventional Mitralpulsed wave doppler inflow in detection rate of diastolic function3. NT-proBNP can be used as a reference index of early diagnosis of diastolicdysfunction.

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