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Study on Cardiac Protection Effects of Exendin-4on the Diabetes Cardiomyopathy in Rats

Author HouMin
Tutor YangJing
School Shanxi Medical
Course Internal Medicine
Keywords K e y wo rd s E xe nd in-4 D ia be t e s c a rd io myo p a t h y my o card ial cel l met a bo l i s m B c l-2 B a x
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective:To explore the effects of the GLP-1analogue on myocardial cell metabolism and apoptosis in the diabetes cardiomyopathy rats.Methods:1.40health male SD rats of (180±20) g weights in8years old were choosed and they were randomly divided into tow groups:normal control group (10) and the experimental group (30). The tow groups rats were separately fed conventional diets、high glucose and high fat diets for4weeks.2. The rats models of DCM were established by injecting of40mg/kg STZ solution.The rats were randomly divided into DCM group, low-dose treatment group, high-dose treatment group. Normal control group rats were injected Sodium citrate buffer solution with the same dose of DCM group.3. The rats were give different doses of GLP-1analogues Exendin-4to treatment for six weeks. Blood glucose, blood fat were determined. HE staining and Masson staining were used to observe morphological changes of cardiacl tissue.4. Immunohistochemistry were used to to determine the protein expression of Bcl-2, Bax in cardiacl tissue.5.Statistical analysis:Statistical analysis was performed with Windows SPSS17.0, date are presented X±S. Homogeneity of variance between groups compared with the LSD-t test;. Differences were considered significant at a value of P<0.05.Results:1. Compared with the normal control group, BS、lipid、myocardial interstitial collagen fiberc is significantly increased in the DCM group. Compared with DCM group, BS、lipid、myocardial interstitial collagen fiberc is significantly improved in low-dose treatment group and high-dose treatment group (P<0.05). Compared with low-dose treatment group, BS、lipid、myocardial interstitial collagen fiberc is more obvious improved in high dose treatment group.2.Compared with the normal control group, the protein expression of Bax inci significantly、Bcl-2reduced significantly in DCM group. Compared with the DCM group in c r e a s e d s ig n if ic a nt ly、 B a x re d u c e d si g n if i c a nt ly in lo w-d o se t re at me nt g r o up a nd hi g h-do s et r e at me nt gr o up.(P <0.05) Co mp a re d w it h t ho se in t he lo w-d o se t re at me nt g r o u p,t he p r o t e in e xp r e s s io n o f B c l-2inc re a s e d s ig ni fi c a nt ly、Ba x r e d u c e d si g n if i can t ly in t he hi g h-d o s e t r e at me ntg r o u p (P<0.05).Co n c l us i o n:1. E xe nd in-4c a n a d ju s t myo c a rd ia l c e ll me t a bo lism an d ap o p t o s i s i n t he d ia be t e sc a r d io myo pa t hy r a t s to pr o t e ct c a rd ia c l t issu e.2. W it h t he do s e o f E xe nd in-4inc re a se d, Ca rd i a c Pr o t e ct io n E ffec t s o f E xe nd i n-4o n D C M ismo r e s ig ni f ic a nt.

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