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Fermentation Condition Optimization, Characteristics and Inhibition on Mango Anthrax of Antibiotic Substance Produced by Trichoderma Viride

Author JiangYu
Tutor ChenAnJun
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords Viride Mango anthrax Antibiotics Fermentation Stability Antibacterial spectrum Induced Resistance
CLC S436.67
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This paper studies the metabolism of Trichoderma green mango anthrax antibiotic in vitro inhibition, as well as damage to anthrax vaccination mango mango anthracnose control effect . The use of liquid fermentation of biomass to obtain anti- metabolites , optimal fermentation conditions by single factor test , Plackett-burman test and response surface CCD experimentally determined as follows: On the basis of the basic culture medium with glucose as carbon source , dosage 20g / L, supplemental nitrogen to corn flour, dosage 10g / L, bottling capacity of 50mL/250mL conical flask (△), fermentation temperature is 33.6 ℃, fermentation seed strains of Trichoderma green age of 5d, surfactants spit temperature -80 dosage 1g / L, initial pH of 10, the fermentation metabolites mango anthrax antibiotic inhibition rate ( 81.47 4.03 ) % , 80.56% and very close to the maximum predicted . In a study of Trichoderma antibiotic fermentation broth stability , and found that it has good thermal stability. When the treatment temperature is 100 ℃, 30min after inhibition of mango processing Anthrax still up 71.51 ± 0.54%. Against acid treatment of biomass has some damaging effects , but the fermentation broth at pH 2 inhibitory activity was 73.23 ± 0.89%, 12% higher than the untreated control group . Na, K, Mg2, Fe2 antibacterial activity under the effect of the difference is not obvious , but Fe3 treated viride fermentation broth can be 100 % inhibition of anthrax mangoes grown on PDA medium . Biomass against oxidant damage has obvious effect ; reducing agent is between antibiotics and there is a certain coordination synergies. In addition to its bovine trypsin have some damaging effects , other enzymes obvious. Viride metabolic antibiotic broad spectrum antimicrobial substance , when the concentration ratio of 8:00 , for S. aureus, B. subtilis, B. cereus and P. vulgaris inhibition zone diameter was 33.6 ± 0.2mm respectively , 33.8 ± 0.9mm, 29.1 ± 0.3mm and 14.9 ± 0.1mm. MIC determination results as : S. aureus and B. cereus the MIC was 2 -fold concentrated broth ; B. subtilis the MIC was 4 -fold concentrated broth ; at the test concentration has not been selected broth MIC values ​​of P. vulgaris . Fusarium oxysporum, C. gloeosporioides, Aspergillus niger and Paecilomyces Bainier half inhibitory concentration (IC50) were 1.37,1.39,4.24 and 4.07 ( concentrated multiply ) . Through statistical fruit number and size of the lesion , indicating viride treatment significantly reduced the damage inoculated mango rot index lesion area and vaccination morbidity. By measuring the quality of fruit each treatment group showed that fruit firmness , color change viride fermentation treatment group , soluble solids and the control group was not significantly different . Slow fermentation process and increase the protein content of the fruit fall around the lesion titratable acid , ascorbic acid increased the (6-8d) content, reducing the malondialdehyde (6-9d) content . Fruit defensive activity assay showed that Trichoderma green broth inoculation injury treatment inhibited fruit PPO (7d) activity increased, decreased SOD activity slowed , inhibited POD (5-7d) activity. In addition, the ability to remove the lesion fruit around DPPH significantly increased compared with the control (5-9d), total phenol content of fruit also increased significantly . CAT activity and FRAP did not change significantly . Isoenzyme test results show that , POD isozymes fewer , but changes in large differences between each treatment ; PPO isozymes large number , but the change is small. Days in the control group compared with the same treatment group PPO isozymes increased. SOD isozyme bands appear later time than the control , the number of bands to be more than over the same period .

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