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Study of Preparation and Application Properties of Chitosan Quaternized with CTA

Author WeiJun
Tutor ChangQing
School Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt Turbidity removal Flocculation Aluminum residual amount Styrene-butadiene rubber wastewater
CLC TU991.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Baseline determination of quaternary ammonium salt of chitosan (HTCC) the kaolin suspension turbidity removal for optimal synthesis conditions, namely: quality than mCTS: mCTA: mNaOH = 1:2:1.2, reaction temperature is 60 ℃, the reaction time is 7h; HTCC with chitosan (CTS), infrared spectroscopy, the results show that the CTA is modified quaternized chitosan quaternized product HTCC modifier CTS; HTCC water-soluble than chitosan have improved significantly, and the water-soluble with the degree of substitution improve continuously enhanced; chitosan good HTCC kaolin suspension turbidity removal, suitable chitosan wide pH range of dosing and HTCC optimum dosage than chitosan reduced by nearly 30%. The experiments show that: the larger CTS molecular weight and the higher the degree of deacetylation synthetic HTCC turbidity kaolin suspension; settling time, the dosage of their turbidity removal had no significant effect; extended slow stirring time can increase the turbidity of the HTCC; HTCC, turbidity point of the optimal dosage with the original turbidity increases, the residual turbidity in tandem with the original turbidity increase becomes large; whereas the higher temperature of the water conducive HTCC flocculation of kaolin suspension. HTCC PAM mixed flocculation of kaolin suspension, the best molecular weight of PAM 14 million -1700 million, and its best complex ratio: mHTCC: mPAM = 16.67:1 to the complex ratio of the best cast dosage (1.875mg / L HTCC 0.112 mg / LPAM), HTCC / PAM original cloud 97.85NTU kaolin suspension turbidity removal efficiency of more than 96%, I voiced lt; 4NTU; the HTCC AND PAM complex with kaolin suspension turbidity removal than HTCC and PAM alone dosing, the optimum pH HTCC / PAM dosing broader; the first dosing HTCC the flocculation effect than first cast plus PAM good; settlement time turbidity removal HTCC / PAM little effect, the flocs settle quickly; increase the HTCC / PAM optimal dosing points of turbidity removal efficiency with the increase of the original cloud, I voiced the increase in tandem with the original cloud the larger; slow stirring speed helps of HTCC / PAM turbidity removal rate increase and I voiced reduce. HTCC PAC mixed flocculation of kaolin suspension complex ratio of mHTCC: mPAC = 1:1.6 to the complex ratio optimum dosage (1.875mg / L HTCC 3mg / L PAC), The original cloud for 97.85NTU kaolin suspension turbidity removal rate reached more than 98%, I voiced lt; 2NTU; HTCC / PAC flocculation of kaolin suspension turbidity removal than HTCC and PAC alone dosing, and HTCC / PAC suitable for dosing a wide pH range; solid - solid way complex with HTCC / PAC turbidity removal efficiency than liquid - liquid mixed batch dosing sequence; settling time and HTCC with PAC the HTCC / PAC turbidity removal had no significant effect; the HTCC / PAC optimum dosage drugs point turbidity removal efficiency increases with the original cloud, I voiced in tandem with the original turbidity increase in larger, but rather for the original the turbid lower residual turbidity of the water samples were very small, the HTCC / PAC investment and increase the amount with respect to the the original turbidity higher need to increase; significantly lower residual amount of aluminum in water samples treated by HTCC / PAC (A13) in PAC treated water samples was significantly lower than the drinking water health standards in aluminum content allows. Than HTCC and PAM the HTCC with PAM complex pairing effect of the turbidity of the water of the Yellow River in Lanzhou separate dosing is better, and the ratio of the complex mHTCC: mPAM = 14.29:1, dosage of 2mg / L HTCC 0.14 mg / L PAM, turbidity removal optimal the watery residual turbidity <7NTU; no significant effect on the settling time of the Yellow River water, HTCC HTCC / PAM flocculation effect; turbidity removal effect of the pH value of HTCC HTCC / PAM and lower pH helps improve HTCC HTCC / PAM flocculation effect and flocculant best dosing amount reduced, pH = 5 dosage watery 1mg/LHTCC 0.07mg/LPAM The the residual turbidity lt; 2NTU flocculation effect optimal; the first dosing HTCC HTCC / PAM flocculation effect than the first vote of the Yellow River water samples plus PAM good. The the HTCC with PAC complex paired turbidity removal of the water of the Yellow River in Lanzhou the separate dosing than HTCC and PAC is better, and in the complex ratio of mHTCC: mPAC = 1:3, the dosage to 1.25mg / L HTCC 3.75 mg / L PAM, turbidity removal optimal water samples I voiced lt; 3NTU; the first dosing PAC the HTCC / PAC flocculation effect than the first dosing HTCC slightly better; settling time of HTCC / PAC turbidity removal impact; turbidity removal of the liquid-liquid mixed HTCC / PAC than solid-solid compound; pH HTCC / PAC flocculation of the Yellow River water samples influence, pH of 7-9 when flocculation effect than pH lt; seven o'clock slightly better, but the pH lt; 7 HTCC / PAC dosing than pH gt; 7 when decreased. HTCC PAC compounding effect of the flocculation SBR wastewater significantly better in HTCC and PAC dosing alone, the water I voiced lt; 2NTU decolorization rate reached 92.98% of CODcr removal rate of 32.0%; HTCC / PACs of flocculation SBR wastewater suitable pH range of 6-8; of of HTCC, / PAMYin, YL / PAMYang and PAC / PDMDAAC SBR wastewater turbidity removal are good the residual turbidity less than 3NTU, while HTCC / PAMYin CODcr of styrene butadiene rubber wastewater removal efficiency of 46.01%, significantly higher than the YL / PAMYang (31.02%) and PAC / of PDMDAAC (23.53%); the HTCC-PAMYin pH 5-10 good flocculation effect . HTCC simple operation for dealing with real wastewater treatment effect can produce good social and economic benefits, has strong application value.

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