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The Experiments of Sunitinib Intervention for Nude Mouse Kidney Cancer

Author SunFeiDa
Tutor WangDongWen
School Shanxi Medical
Course Surgery
Keywords sunitinib node mouse kidney cancer intervention
CLC R737.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective In order to clearly nail down the expression of vascular endothelial growth factorreceptor (VEGFR) and platelet derivative factor receptor (PDGFR) in the kidney cancer andadjacent tissues, and to understand sunitinib for individual and resistance of the productionprocess, make targeted therapy more effective,which to provide the theory basis for clinicalpersonalized treatment.Method Prepare 786-O kidney cancer cell culture to logarithmic growth period, then trypsindigestion centrifugal adjusted cell concentration to 5 x107/ ml, and inject it into thesubcutaneous 0.1 ml, after two weeks a tumor form. Make the success of the mould bypathological diagnosis, then use the immunohistochemical method to determine the VEGFR-3and PDGFRαexpression . According to these factors receptor are expressed, which dividedinto VEGFR positive group, PDGFR positive group, VEGFR and PDGFR both positive group,the double negative group, and the team is further divided into treatment group and controlgroup. The treatment group give sunitinib (7.5mg/kg/d), at the same time the control group givevolume distilled water. After the treatment in five days, 20 days and natural death piercing takebiopsy in determination tumor tissue observe VEGFR3 and PDGFRαexpression and its changelevel ,then record the survival time.Results 1.There were no statistical significance of survival time between the treatment andcontrol group in double negative group(t=1.27,P=0.25).while there were statisticalsignificance in double negative group(t=7.01,P<0.001),VEGFR positive group(t=2.83,P=0.02),and PDGFR positive group(t=2.78,P=0.03). The survival time of treatmentgroup are longer than control group in each group.2.There were statistical significance ofsurvival time in each treatment group(F=32.58,P<0.001).The survival time of both negativegroup are longer than both positive group,while both positive group are longer than VEGFRpositive group,there were no difference of survival time between PDGFR positive group andVEGFR positive group.3. Do not consider the time factor and different intervention level(treatment and contrast) , there is difference between VEGFR3 and PDGFRαexpression; Don’tconsider intervention factors, express intensity decrease following the changing time; Thereare interactions between time factors and intervention level in four groups( P<0.05), followingthe change of time, the expression strength of treatment group was more weakening than thecontrol group.Conclusion Sunitinib can prolong the oerall surial of tumor-burdened nude mouse which expressses VEGFR-3 and PDGFRα, and it has certain directive significance in personalizedtreatment for kidney cancer.

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