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Research on Virtual Scene Simulation for Large-Scale Ship Motion

Author CaoYuanZuo
Tutor HuangSheng
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Design and manufacture of ships and marine structures
Keywords Maneuverability Rapidity MFC Visual Simulation
CLC U674.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The ship is in service, and highly complex, and its relationship to the movement of the operational capability of the ship at sea, the ship's motion control, and manipulation of driving with a very important research value. Study the movement of the ship if the traditional test method is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, and computer technology as a platform, ship motion simulation, you can ship movement to do more in-depth exploratory study, this ship motion simulation gradually become a hot research field. Virtual simulation of the movement of the ship is an important aspect of ship motion simulation, which is based on virtual reality technology, virtual visual state of motion of the ship expressed able to make the most intuitive and concrete understanding of abstract simulation results easier for people to understand the problem discover the laws. This virtual simulation application visual simulation technology research ship movement conducive to reduce cycle time, savings, effective research tools that can be used as an alternative test or validation test feasibility. This article ship motion simulation based visual simulation technology, research from the ship's maneuverability and fast in terms of the movement of large ships. Through programming and software to calculate the ship's maneuverability and fast simulation results, then the use of visual simulation with MFC class library developed simulation system and visual display simulation results reproduce the state of motion of the ship while at sea. Laid the foundation for the further development of ship motion simulator also has an active role in the pre-research and evaluation of ship performance. Specifically, this paper include the following: First, the study on reasonable assumptions, according to the the MMG equation, the establishment of the four degrees of freedom of the ship motion mathematical model, as maneuverability simulation calculated the theoretical basis for the latter part of the ship movement obtained provide the basis of the real-time position and orientation. Decomposition hull movement the force applied in this process the separation of thought, and detailed discussion for Solving force, and then combined with the four degrees of freedom of equations of motion analysis of the process of calculation of the manipulated theory. Secondly, according to the theory of computational fluid dynamics, rapid calculation of the object of the study using FLUENT software. Mainly from two aspects of the expedition ship quickly drag and propulsive efficiency, made a detailed calculation of the calm water resistance of the main hull and propeller open water performance, and made the necessary analysis of the calculation results. With the help of the Creator and Vega then completed a simulation model and virtual scene structures. The detailed description of the key technologies used by the simulation model of the process of establishing and modeling. Configure ADF file describes the build process of the virtual scene, focuses on the model loaded, the scene elements initialized, the realization of the marine environment and other issues. Finally, the combination of the MFC class library to complete the development of the simulation interface. In a brief introduction to the framework of the application of the general Vega analyzed the MFC under Vega emulator execution mechanism, as the basis for this paper simulation system development process. Simulation interface design and feature set introduced to verify the feasibility of the simulation and visualization of simulation results show.

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