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Clinical study of uterine scar pregnancy after cesarean section

Author LiangJian
Tutor SongJiRong; LuBeiYan
School Jiamusi University
Course Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Keywords Cesarean section Scar pregnancy Diagnosis Treatment Prevent
CLC R714.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective: To explore the pathogenesis of pregnancy cesarean uterine scar parts, earlydiagnosis, treatment methods and preventive measures, looking for the best for clinicalprevention and treatment plan.Methods: Retrospective analysis in January2010to March2013in the center of the cityof jiamusi university first affiliated hospital, hospital, maternal and child health care ofobstetrics and gynecology hospital treatment of16cases of cesarean uterine scar pregnancypatients medical records, including: the onset of patients age, maternal times, to the time ofcesarean section at the end of the process time interval, first symptoms, diagnosis, auxiliaryexamination, treatment, and the ending.Results: Cesarean uterine scar pregnancy accounted for0.049%of all ectopic pregnancyduring this period, compared with normal number of hospitalized childbirth ratio is1:16.16patients of average age30.5years, patients with a history of cesarean section surgery, only todisease of cesarean section at the end of the time interval of1~10years.16patients have ahistory of menopause, and blood beta HCG levels increase, the initial misdiagnosis in7cases,including1case was misdiagnosed as sertoli cell tumor,3cases were misdiagnosed asincomplete abortion,1case was misdiagnosed with missed abortion,2cases were misdiagnosedas intrauterine pregnancy;9cases before treatment begins the diagnosis of cesarean uterine scarpregnancy.16patients in2cases of simple treatment of qing,11patients with methotrexate andmifepristone treatment after qing dynasty palace,1case of downward in laparoscopic resectionof the lesions and the patients with uterine artery embolization,2patients with hysterectomy.16patients were cured out of the hospital.Conclusion:1. The rising incidence of CSP in increasing cesarean section rate are closelyrelated.2. CSP for the early diagnosis and effective intervention is the best way to improveprognosis.3. Reduce cesarean section rate is the main prevention methods.4. The three cavitytube compression hemostasis is in the process of the qing dynasty palace is the effective meansto stop bleeding

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