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Correlation between Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Asthma in Children of Hui Nationality in Ningxia

Author TangChangChao
Tutor ZhangXiaoChun
School Ningxia Medical University
Course Pediatrics
Keywords Children Bronchial asthma VDR gene Single nucleotidepolymorphism (SNP)
CLC R725.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective: To discuss the correlation between the single nucleotide polymorphisms ofVDR gene BsmI, ApaI, TaqI, FokI and asthma in children of Hui nationality in Ningxia.Method: DNA samples were extracted from peripheral blood of children of Hui nationalitydiagnosed as asthma and healthy children of Hui nationality. Results: At FokI locus,frequencies of genotype C/C, C/T and T/T were20%and30%,40%and51.6%,40%and18.4%in patients and control group, respectively (P=0.0.31,x~2test). Frequencies of alleles Cand T were40%and60%in asthma group, while55.8%and44.2%in normal controls(P=0.014,x~2test). At BsmI locus, frequencies of genotype A/A, A/G, G/G were8.3%10%,16.7%and10%,75%and80%in patients and control group, respectively (P=0.748,x~2test).Frequencies of alleles T and A were45.4%and54.6%in asthma group, while47%and53%in normal controls (P=0.590,x~2test). At TaqI locus, frequencies of genotype C/C, C/TandT/T were78.3%and83.3%,11.7%and8.3%,10%and8.3%in patients and control group,respectively (P=0.772,x~2test). Frequencies of alleles C and T were84.2%and15.8%inasthma group, while87.5%and12.5%in normal controls (P=0.459,x~2test). At ApaI locus,frequencies of genotype C/C, C/A and A/A were11.6%and13.3%,11.6%and6.7%,76.7%and80%in patients and control group, respectively (P=0.629,x~2test). Frequencies ofalleles C and A were17.5%and82.5%in asthma group, while16.7%and83.3%in normalcontrols (P=0.864,x~2test). There was significant difference between asthma and controlgroup in children of Hui nationality in genotype and gene frequency of FokI locus (P<0.05according to the testing standard of=0.05), suggesting that FokI locus is responsible forsusceptibility to asthma in children of Hui nationality. There was no significant difference in the distribution of gene frequency and genotype frequency of BsmI, ApaI and TaqI locibetween asthma group and control group (P>0.05according to the testing standardof=0.05). Conclusion: Of the four polymorphic loci being studied, remarkable correlationwas found between FokI locus and asthma, while no significant correlation between the restloci and asthma in children of Hui nationality in Ningxia.

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