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To Construct a Social Support Network for the Autism’s Family

Author Li
Tutor TianYiPeng
School Jilin University
Course Social Work
Keywords Autism parent mutual-help group social support networks service plan
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder in children. The children’s prominent character islanguage disorder, narrow interests and behavior stereotyped repetitive. The majority of children forthe performance of mental retardation. Due to the above condition influence, the children are notonly having difficult to integrate mainstream society, but also daily life. Although autism has notbeen able to heal at present, parents still hope that through training and medical assistance, theirchildren can be back to normal. Therefore, families have to bear the high cost of rehabilitation andall lifetime to take care of their children with physical and mental fatigue and while having toconsider of the children’s future.Our country has exceeded millions of patients with autism, and a rising trend having appearedyear by year. In the background of the current Chinese social welfare system, the support forchildren with autism was limited, in a small range of assistance level. With subsidies forrehabilitation institutions far more difficult to accommodate with the actual number. Supporting theeducation policy and placement institutions in vision has not finished formed a perfect maintenancesystem yet. On the other hand, autism family has not yet established a comprehensive, stable socialsupport network. Autistic children’s daily care and rehabilitation expenses support are mainlyoriginated from the original family. Therefore, for this group to establish a perfect and continuoussocial support network for it’s facing the relieving physical and mental fatigue and economicpressure. This network includes to family support as a personal support network; homogeneityfamily mutual information and share experiences of parents self-help network, as well as by theservice agencies, government departments and the community to provide continuous support to theservice network. Among them, the parents of mutual help network is to the community to providesupport and help the most efficient way, also is the present stage feasible service strategy.This paper has taken6families which have children with autism for an example as the serviceobject. Through the interview to collect information, and forecasting the difficult and demand.According to the conclusion of its existing resources design team service plan. Group to restructurethe personal support network as the basic goal, to help members to re-examine their existence value,learning how to improve family members shared responsibility consciousness and ability. Todeveloping social network services for the long-term goal, social workers mobilize resourcesactively seeking more social forces to join the group life, guide the public to experience the specialgroup’s way of life and reflection of the positive significance of life, gradually improve autisticchildren and their families was alienated circumstances. Group to build the mutual network as thebasic goal, giving a platform to provide learning and sharing for families, through the interactions among members and workers guide, gradually formed a mutual trust and continue to provideemotional support and information transmission, to safeguard the rights and interests of the spiritualcommunity. While the group is also the spirit carrier for the autistic children family to get legitimaterights, interests and even survival space of the base.This paper designs seven group activities totally. Social worker guides members to activelyparticipate in the experience and sharing part, basically reached the target activity unit. Through theactual operation and performance evaluation, Social worker has had a more thorough understandingto the service object reality needs,also on the practice of the difficulty in the process and effect areevaluated. On the perfection of support network for the families with Autism children, has taken animagination on the part of pathways in parents of self-help groups, rights protection and socialintegration. As the first test of the network proposition of social work intervention strategies on howto build family and social support of children with autism.

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