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Error Analysis and Simulation of Strapdown Inertial Navigation and Positioning Algorithm for Astronomical for Ship

Author FuJianZuo
Tutor GaoWei
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Navigation,Guidance and Control
Keywords Star sensor Passive alignment Integrated Navigation Transfer Alignment No gyro inertial navigation system
CLC U666.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In information warfare, precision-guided weapons defects gradually be exposed, when the weapons outside the system is in the atmosphere, due to the thin air, low refractive index, suitable for high-precision measurements in the star sensor, celestial navigation and global positioning technology to replace satellite positioning system to become possible, countries started to increase investment in the study of celestial navigation technology, the various celestial navigation technology has been applied in the field of aviation and aerospace, and has been successful; celestial navigation technology originated in sailing, but in recent celestial navigation technology development is lagging behind, this subject to the phenomenon, focusing on the near-Earth celestial navigation technology intensive study. Design a platform inertial navigation system based on celestial navigation, installed on the platform inertial navigation the star sensor real-time observation the space fixed some of the stars to complete the tasks of navigation and positioning, inertial navigation platform the existence of various sources of error, so the navigation accuracy of the method is directly affected by the accuracy of the platform inertial navigation system; On this basis, in order to replace the global satellite positioning system constraints on the initial information of all kinds of near-Earth weapons systems, a sea alignment program, the program introduces a coarse alignment and the method of calculating the local geographic location information; Second, in order to improve the ship's ability to survive in a complex environment, the design of a star sensor / SINS Integrated Navigation algorithm, the navigation algorithm is an alternate method of navigation, in the case does not affect any of the navigation device to work, the output of each sensor data fusion treatment, which not only can provide navigation data, but also can be corrected inertial navigation system in order to improve navigation accuracy of the inertial navigation system, the combination algorithm navigation accuracy by star sensor SINS, two horizontal misalignment angle, azimuth misalignment angle does not play any role in the navigation algorithm, star sensor error will only make the lower navigation accuracy, and will not affect the form of oscillation of the navigation data; Inertial Navigation System device error, especially gyro drift effect on INS navigation accuracy is most important, in order to make the navigation system can long, high-precision work, the design of a star sensor-based Transfer Alignment estimated to drift compensation, the method is a combination of \inertial navigation system to provide speed information completely SINS, the program's modeling and simulation results show that the gyro drift and accelerometer biases in a relatively short period of time is completely estimated, and with the time increases the accuracy significantly improved; inertial navigation system as an autonomous navigation system has been applied more widely, the velocity error in the inertial navigation system, and Lat error and misalignment angle error are in a closed-loop loop, Longitude error in open-loop state, which leads to the navigation accuracy of the inertial navigation system greatly depends on time, in order to overcome this phenomenon Inertial Navigation System Longitude error divergence, but also to overcome the gyroscope inherent error, design a gyro inertial navigation system navigation, the method does not exist in gyroscope inertial devices, Longitude error in the navigation system, latitude error and speed error to form a closed loop, no gyro inertial navigation system navigation system with star sensors and three accelerometers are orthogonal to each combination of system modeling and simulation results show that the algorithm, the navigation accuracy is affected by the error and the initial position of the star sensor error impact and accelerometer biases navigation accuracy is not as time divergence divergence, it will only show a periodic oscillation, the oscillation period Schuler The navigation method can make some of the equipment of high precision, long navigation tasks.

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