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The Difference of Proteome Expression of Low Light Stress and Regular Light Recovery on Growth of Maize Seedling

Author DuChengFeng
Tutor LiChaoHai
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords maize low light stress regular light recovery reactive oxygen metabolism antioxidant enzyme photosynthetic characterstics leaf structure difference expression of protein molecular ecology
CLC S513
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The dynamic changes of aboveground biomass, reactive oxygen metabolism, anti-oxidative enzyme activities, chlorophyll content, photosynthetic characteristics, fluorescence parameter of chlorophyll, anatomical structure, and ultrastructure of chloroplast of two maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars, Zhengdan958 (ZD958, shade-tolerance) and Yuyu22 (YY22, shade-sensitive), were investigated under 50% shading treatment and after light transition. In order to explore the effects of low light stress on growing development seeding and its Physiological Regulation mechanism. further to provide the theoretical basis to maize tolerance low light stress theoretical and breeding and spreading. The main results are as follows:1. The results demonstrated that in shading, maize plant aboveground biomass declined constantly. 17d-shading-treated seeding and light transition within 9d, seeding is cumulative of biomass, When the light transition wound up, Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) come to normal, while the Yuyu22(shade-sensitive) was no apparent difference comparing with the normal seeding.2. In shading, leaf H2O2 content and O2- production rate increase. In light recovery, both the H2O2 content and O2- production rate increased rapidly. reached acme at light transition 3d, When the light transition wound up, H2O2 content and O2- production rate were not obvious enough to reach significant level of Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance), while the Yuyu22(shade-sensitive) was significant at 0.05 level. But H2O2 content and O2- production rate were lower than respective comparison at whole light transition.3. MDA content increased and soluble protein content decreased in maize seeding after shading treatment. After light recovery, MDA content was increased of the two cultivars, When the light transition wound up, Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) MDA content was restoring degree was high than Yuyu22(shade-sensitive), after light transition, soluble protein content began to ascend, By the end of the light transition the two cultivars had no significant difference at 0.05 LSD level.4. In shading, leaf SOD and POD activity increased, after light transition, Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) treatment above than the shading contrast(P<0.05) to the whole time. While Yuyu22(shade-sensitive) only light transition 1d and 3d above than the shading contrast(P<0.05), the enzyme activities of SOD then decreased. In light transition, POD activities kept higher than normal contrast, But Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) higher than Yuyu22(shade-sensitive).5. In shading, leaf Clb and chlorophyll content increased, after light transition, Compared with the controls, Chla, Chlb and chlorophyll content have different increased, On the whole, Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) improvement higher than Yuyu22(shade-sensitive).6. With the treatment of shading, net photosynthetic rate(Pn), Transpiration rate(Tr) and Stomatal conductance(Gs) decreased, Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) Pn, Tr and Gs have degrees of decline and Ci has degrees of increased than Yuyu22(shade-sensitive).7. Under shading, the maximal photochemical efficiency(Fv/Fm) significantly declined of Yuyu22(shade-sensitive), while Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) was no significant changes. TheΦPSⅡlowered. But, compared with the control, the degree of Yuyu22(shade-sensitive) significantly than Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance).8. Under shading, the mesophyll cells decreases. The intercellular space become larger, thickness of leaves and two sides of cutis became thinner. Zhengdan958(shade-tolerance) no-statistically significant change, but Yuyu22(shade-sensitive), by contrast.9. Under low light stress, the chloroplast was un-fully developed and some chloroplast was expanded to spherical. The stroma lamellar and grana lamellae were loosened in some extend. A part of grana lamellae was ruptured, and the stroma lamellar was disintegrated. While the structure of chloroplast with ZD958 was well, all the organs were developed well,

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